Important Dates of History Chapter The Making of Global World (Class 10)

The Making of Global World is among one of the most important chapters of world history. Especially, for the class 10 students after Nationalism in India and Nationalism in Europe.

But, there aren’t many resources out there on the internet which includes all the important dates from the history chapter The Making of Global World (class 10).

The making of global world

So, I’ve decided to collect all the important dates from the history chapter The Making of Global World, and put them all in the table below.

All the Important Dates of History Chapter The Making of Global World

15th centurySilk routes linked the world
1845-1849Great Irish Potato Famine
1851Slaves for sale, a prospective buyer carefully inspecting slaves lined up before the auction
1815-1846Corn Laws
1839Triumph for the The Anti-Corn Law League, founded in Manchester
26 June 1846Corn Laws were finally repealed
By 1890Global agricultural economy
1869Emigrant ship leaving for the US, by M.W.Ridley
1874Irish emigrants waiting to board the ship, by Michael Fitzgerald.
1820-1914World trade is estimated to have multiplied 25 to 40 times.
1851The Smithfield Club Cattle Show, Illustrated London News
1878Export of meat was possible only after ships were refrigerated
1885The European powers met in Berlin to complete the carving up of Africa between them
1890’sSpread of Rinderpest or Cattle plague.
1887Transport to the Transvaal gold mines, the graphic
Late 1880’sRinderpest arrived in Africa
1892Rinderpest moved like a forest fire and reached Africa’s Atlantic coast
1897Rinderpest reaches the Cape
1900’sIndia’s Nationalist Leaders began opposing the system of indentured labour migration as cruel and abusive.
1914-1918First World War (fought between Allies and Central Powers)
August 1914First World War began
1921Huge job losses – one in every five British workers were out of work
1920’sMass Production in the US economy (Henry Ford, a well-known pioneer of mass production of cars)
January 1914Ford doubled the daily wages to $5
1919-1929Car Production in the US rose from 2 million in 1919 to more than 5 million in 1929
1923The US resumed exporting capital and become the largest overseas lender.
1929-mid1930’sGreat Depression
1928US overseas loan reached over $1 billion in the first half of 1928
By 1933Over 4,000 banks had closed
Between 1929-1932About 110,000 companies had collapsed.
1935A modest economic recovery was underway in most industrial countries
Between 1928-1934Due to the crash in international prices, the prices in India fell by 50%
1931Mahatma Gandhi launched the Civil Disobedience Movement at the height of the depression
1934-1945Second World War (between Axis powers and Allies)
July 1941German forces attack Russia (Hitler’s attempt to invade Russia was a turning point in the war)
July 1944Bretton Woods Conference
1947IMF(International Monetary Fund) and WB (World Bank) began financial operations
Between 1950-1970World trade grew annually
Late 1950sBretton Woods institutions began to shift their attention more towards developing countries
15 June1964Group of 77 (G-77) was established (to demand a new international economic order [NIEO])

Final Words

So, that’s it.

All the important events of the chapter The Making of Global World from the NCERT class 10 are listed above in the table format.

And, at last, if you have any related queries or suggestions; feel free to let me know in the comments right now.



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