List of Novels, Writers and Dates from History Chapter Novels, Society and History (Class 10)

From the history chapter Novels, Society and History (NCERT), is considered as an important chapter for exams.

The list of novels with author name and date will be useful for you in gaining a quick revision of chapter more clearly.

But, there aren’t many resources out there on the internet which includes all the Novels name, authors, dates and about the novel from the history chapter Novels, Society and History.

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So, I’ve decided to collect all the important novel names from the history chapter Novels, Society and History, and put them all in the table below.

List of all the Novels, Writers and Dates from History Chapter Novels, Society and History

Novel is a modern form of literature. Novel writing began from the 17th century but, they flowered from the 18th century.

Here, we go.

Novel NameWriter’s nameDateObjectives/Theme
Tom JonesHenry Fielding (epistolary)1749Issued in six volumes which were priced three shillings each- which was more than what a labourer earned in a week
Pickwick PapersCharles Dickens (serialised)1836Serialisation allowed readers to enjoy the suspense, discuss the characters such as television serials in today’s era
Hard TimeCharles Dickens1854Describes Coketown, a fictitious industrial town, serious place full of machinery
Oliver TwistCharles Dickens1838Poor orphan lived in a world of the petty workhouse, finally adopted by a rich man
GerminalEmile Zola1885Based on the life young miner in France
Mayor of CasterbridgeThomas Hardy1886Michael Henchard, a grain merchant
Pride and Prejudice statesJane Austen1813Make people think about a society which encouraged women to look for good marriages and find propertied husbands
Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte1874Jane is shown as independent and assertive, Jane at the age of 10 opposed the hypocrisy of her elders
Treasure IslandR.L.Stevenson’s1883A novel full of adventures, especially for young boys to idealise a new type of man
Jungle BookRudyard Kipling1894Great hits among youngsters
RamonaHelen Hunt Jackson1884A love story written for adolescent girls became popular in the US
What Katy DidSarah Chauncey Woolsey1872Series entitled under her pen-name Susan Coolidge
Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe1719Novel’s hero is a slave trader and an adventurer, Shipwrecked on the island, Crusoe treats coloured people, not as human beings
KadambariBanabhatta17th CenturyTales in prose(novel comes to India), written in Sanskrit
PanchatantraVishnu SharmaAround 200 BCTales in prose
Yamuna ParyatanBaba Padmanji1857Employed a simple style of storytelling to speak about the plight of widows
MuktamalaLakshman Moreshwar Halbe1861Imaginary romance narrative with a moral lesson
IndulekhaO.Chandu Menon1889First modern novel in Malayalam
Rajasekhara CaritamuKandukuri Viresalingam1878Wrote an original Telgu novel
Pariksha GuruSrinivas Das1882Warned young men of rich families against the dangerous influences of bad company and resultant loose morals
ChadrakantaDevaki Nandan Khatri1888A romance coupled with dazzling elements of fantasy (in the Hindi language)
SewasadanPremchand1916Deals with the poor condition of women in society (issue like child marriage, dowry)
DurgeshnandaniBankim Chandra Chattopadhyay1865Bengali Novel which achieved excellence so quickly
Sultana’s DreamRokeya Hossein1905A satiric fantasy in English shows a topsy-turvy world in which women take the place of men
PadmaragRokeya Hossein1924Pointed out the need for women to reform their condition by their own actions
Karuna o Phulmonir BibaranHannah Mullens1852A Christian missionary, known as the first novel in Bengali
SaraswativijayamPotheri Kunjambu1892Mounting a strong attack on caste oppression
Titash Ekti Nadir NaamAdvaita Malla Burman1956An epic about the Mallas, about three generations of the Mallas and their recurring tragedies
Anguriya BinimoyBhudeb Mukhopadhyay1857The first historical novel is written in Bengal (Its hero Shivaji engages in many battles against a clever and cunning Aurangzeb)
AnandamathBankim1882Novel about the secret Hindu militia which fights Muslims to establish the Hindu Kingdom
Rangbhoomi (The Arena)Premchand20th CenturyThe central character, Surdas, is a blind beggar from untouchable caste, (reflects the struggling of Surdas for his land)
Godan(The Gift of Cow)Premchand1936An epic of the Indian peasantry (Story of Hori and Dhania fought for their land against moneylenders and landlords)

Final Words

So, that’s it.

All the novels of the chapter Novels, Society and History from the NCERT class 10 are listed above in the table format.

If you have any related queries or suggestions; feel free to let me know in the comments right now.


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