Important Dates of History Chapter Print Culture and the Modern World (Class 10)

Print Culture and the Modern World is among one of the most important chapters of world history. Especially for class 10 students after The Age of Industrialisation.

As time flew by, this world of print is often taken for granted and we forget that there was a time before print. In this history chapter, we shall look at the development of print from beginnings.

But, there aren’t many resources out there on the internet which includes all the important dates from the history chapter Print Culture and the Modern World (Class 10).

So, I’ve decided to collect all the important dates from the history chapter Print Culture and the Modern World and put them all in the table below.

All the Important Dates of History Chapter Print Culture and the Modern World

From AD 594Books in China were printed by rubbing papers.
17th CenturyThe uses of print diversified
AD 768-770Buddhist missionaries from China first introduced hand-printing technology into Japan
AD 868Oldest Japanese book ‘Diamond Sutra’ got printed
1295Marco Polo, a great explorer returned to Italy from China
1430sJohann Gutenberg developed the first known printing press
1448Gutenberg perfected the system by Olive press
1450-1550The printing press was established in most countries of Europe in a hundred years
1517Religious reformer Martin Luther wrote Ninety Five Theses
From 1558Began to maintain an Index of Prohibited books
19th centuryBrought new readers among women, children & workers
Late 19th centuryPrimary education became compulsory
1857A children’s press, devoted to literature for children alone, was established in France.
Late 18th centuryPress came to be made out of metal
Mid-19th centuryRichard M.Hoe of New York had perfected the power-driven cylindrical press
Late 19th CenturyOffset press was developed
20th CenturyElectrically operated press accelerated printing operations
1920sPopular works were sold in cheap series, called the Shilling Series in England
Mid 16th CenturyPrinting press first came to Goa, India
By 1674About 50 books had been printed in Konkani & in Kanara languages
1579Catholic priests printed the first Tamil book at Cochin
1713First Malayalam book was printed
1710Dutch Protestant missionaries had printed 32 Tamil texts
1780James Augustus Hickey started to edit the ‘Bengal Gazette’
1821Rammohun Roy published the Sambad Kaumudi
1822Two Persian newspapers, Jam-i-Jahan Nama and Shamsul Akhbar were published
1867Deoband Seminary, established
1810The first printed edition of the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas, a 16th-century text, emerged from Calcutta
From 1880sNaval Kishore Press at Lucknow and the Shri Venkateshwar Press in Bombay published numerous religious text
1876Rashsundari Debi wrote an autobiography ‘Amar Jiban’
1860sKailashbashini Debi wrote books highlighting the experience of women
1870sHindi printing began seriously
1880sTarabai Shinde and Pandita Ramabai wrote with passionate anger about the miserable lives of upper-caste Hindu women
Early 20th CenturyRam Chaddha published ‘Istri Dharm Vichar’
1871Jyotiba Phule wrote ‘Gulamgiri’
1938Kashibaba, a Kanpur mill-worker, wrote and published Chhote Aur Bade Ka Sawal
1955Sachi Kavitayan
1857Attitude to freedom of the press changed after the revolt
1878Vernacular Press Act was passed, which was modelled on the Irish Press Laws
1907Punjab revolutionaries were deported
1907Balgangadhar Tilak wrote ‘Kesari’

Final Words

So, that’s all.

All the important events of chapter 7 Print Culture and the Modern World from the NCERT class 10 are listed above in the table format.

If you have any related queries or suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments right now.


NCERT – Print Culture and the Modern World


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