Journal Prompts – 200+ Writing Prompts for Students

Journal Writing or Diary Writing is a way of self-expression. It’s like a super-private document that will not be read by anyone except yourself. And, journal prompts to make your writing experience more enjoyable and creative.

Using journal prompts is the best way to let your creative juices flow. Without a journal prompt, you can only write about your daily routine, relationship, current affairs, etc.

But, using these prompts will broaden your mind and you will always have something new to write about.

Journal Prompts are basically well-researched statements which will inspire you to think and write about new things. It’s a great tool for beginner writers to get started with the journaling.

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Here, I will be providing you with 200+ Journal Prompts for students that you can use to write daily journals.

Instead, you can use this cool writing prompts generator tool.

200+ Journal Prompts for Students

Arts and Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

  1. What are your top 20 favourite songs?
  2. Which song lyrics do you find to be the best, and why?
  3. List out the top 20 movies that you will watch with your partner.
  4. Which are your favourite TV shows, and why?
  5. What will happen to TV in the near future?
  6. Can watching too much TV damage your eyes?
  7. Write a summary of the best movie that you’ve ever watched.
  8. What’s your take on nepotism in the film industry?
  9. Did you learn anything from playing video games?
  10. Which are your favourite video games?
  11. Should video games be considered a sport?
  12. Do violent video games affect teens negatively?
  13. What do you like more: playing video games, or just watching?
  14. Are video games sexist?
  15. What are your top 5 comedy movies?
  16. What are your top 5 action movies?
  17. Who are your favourite movie stars, and why?
  18. Which movie have you watched multiple times, and what do you like about it?
  19. Are you a fan of stand up comedy? If yes, who are your favourite stand-up comedians?
  20. What are the sensitive topics that one should not joke about?
  21. Have you ever been to a live performance? How was your experience?
  22. Name the best books that you have ever read.
  23. Who is your favourite writer?
  24. Do you write blogs? What topics do you cover?
  25. Which are the websites or networks that you regularly visit to read?
  26. What do you prefer: eBooks, audio books, or paper books? Why?
  27. What kinds of magazines do you read? What’s so special about them?
  28. Will audio books make paper books obsolete?
  29. How writing diaries can help you?
  30. How many types of diary writing are there?
  31. What kind of book will you prefer to write?
  32. What’s the best and memorable writing assignment that you have ever completed?
  33. Can you explain any photograph in 1000 words?
  34. Where have you seen the best graffiti? Explain it.
  35. Is art a necessary part of our lives?
  36. What are your most-used slang words?
  37. Should all curse words be banned? Why?
  38. What’s the best reply that you’ve given to someone you don’t like?
  39. How do you greet your family and friends?
  40. Should people care about grammar and spelling while texting?
  41. What are some interesting words that you have learned recently?
  42. How often do you indulge in any kinds of arguments with your friends and family?
  43. Which language do you find to be the best sounding language?
  44. Explain the most enjoyable party or function you have been to.
  45. Which smartphone game do you like the most? Why?
  46. A night party with your friends, or 2 days without your smartphone; what would you choose?
  47. What do you prefer: making friends online or in person?
  48. Should couples stay together before marriage?
  49. Which YouTube star do you find to be the best?
  50. Have you ever performed on stage at your school? What was it like?
Science and Technology

Science & Technology

  1. Why should people not spend too much time on social media?
  2. Should YouTube remove the dislike button?
  3. Can anyone learn anything from Facebook?
  4. What’s your advice for teens using social media?
  5. What are the 5 reasons to quit social media?
  6. Pros and cons comparison between Facebook and Instagram
  7. What’s your most embarrassing social media story?
  8. What have you ever posted on social media that embarrassed you?
  9. Do you get distracted by your smartphone?
  10. Can a phone addiction make relationships weaker?
  11. What are the side effects of digital life?
  12. Are teens addicted to “texting” these days?
  13. What are some great learning apps for smartphones?
  14. Do you play games on your smartphone? And, for much time each day?
  15. Have you ever sent any wrong messages due to the auto-correct?
  16. Your take on iPhone and Android
  17. In 24 hours, for how much time do you stay away from your digital devices?
  18. What are some misuses of the internet?
  19. Are wearable technologies the future?
  20. Name some online tools and websites that you cannot live without.
  21. Do you get worried about your online privacy?
  22. Do you like ads on the website and inside apps?
  23. How can one protect their privacy online?
  24. Have you ever been scammed on the internet?
  25. What is the most dangerous scam that you’ve known about?
  26. Can using solar and wind energy save our planet?
  27. Should disposable or single-use plastic bags be banned?
  28. What are the 5 greatest inventions of all time?
  29. Do you believe that there are aliens?
  30. Will humans ever be able to live on Mars?
  31. Which is the most important invention of history, and why?
  32. What will you do if you get a chance to visit space?
  33. What are the solutions for global warming?
  34. Your views on different computer operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  35. Should schools teach about climate change?
  36. How should Earth Day be celebrated?
  37. Which social network do you find to be the most useful and informative? Explain.
  38. Are computers an integral part of our lives? How would be life without them?
  39. What are the top 5 apps that you have on your smartphone?
  40. If you have to choose between a smartphone and a laptop, what would you choose and why?
History and Politics

History and Politics

  1. What’s your opinion on the current situation of politics?
  2. Which is the scariest incident in history and why?
  3. What’s your take on the #MeToo movement?
  4. How strong your faith is in a democracy?
  5. Should there be a death penalty for any crime?
  6. Should prostitution be legal?
  7. What should be the best age to start voting; 18 or 16?
  8. Have you ever taken part in any kind of protest?
  9. What’s more important: people’s privacy or national security?
  10. What event in the past do you wish you were a part of?
  11. Write an essay on modern Indian history.
  12. Are the memes related to politics dangerous?
  13. What’s the best way to tackle fake news on the internet?
  14. Can you separate the fake news from the real ones?
  15. What kind of news do you mostly watch or read?
  16. Does history affect our present?
  17. Which is the most popular event in history that you remember?
  18. How do you get news – online, newspaper or on TV?
  19. Have you ever argued with someone over political beliefs? What was it like?
  20. Which of the recent events would be remembered in the future?
  21. What’s your take on feminism?
  22. Who do you think is the most fascinating character from the past?
  23. Who is your favourite politician, and why?
  24. What new voting system would you invent to prevent electoral fraud?
  25. If given a chance, what would you like to ask the President or the Prime Minister?
  26. What does come to your mind when you hear the word politics?
  27. If you’re in the government, what are the issues that you’d work on?
  28. Which law is being misused? And, how?
  29. Who’s the best political leader in your opinion, and why?
  30. Is politics a dirty game?
Social Life and Food

Social Life & Food

  1. Do you ever feel left out by your friends or (and) family?
  2. Describe your best friend – what you like and what you don’t.
  3. How many friends have you had to date? Who is the best among them?
  4. Have you ever ended a relationship with someone? What was the reason?
  5. Have you ever loved someone?
  6. What’s the best way to teach children about puberty and sex?
  7. Are you allowed to date?
  8. What’s your take on the hookup culture?
  9. What’s your take on marriage?
  10. Is sexting a real problem that we should deal with?
  11. Have you ever broken up with someone?
  12. What’s the best way to get over a breakup?
  13. What’s your favourite kind of dress to wear?
  14. What’s on the top of your fashion shopping list?
  15. Does what people wear say anything about them?
  16. What are the current trends that you do not like?
  17. Do photoshopped images of celebs on social media impact the lives of people in a bad way?
  18. How much pressure do girls and boys face to have a perfect body?
  19. Has someone ever told you that you look like someone famous? Who was it?
  20. How important is it to follow the current social trends?
  21. What’s your favourite junk food?
  22. Do you have any idea about managing food waste?
  23. Which do you think is the most important meal of the day: breakfast or lunch?
  24. Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, and why?
  25. Should everyone pay attention to the nutrition label on the food items?
  26. What’s your favourite food to eat?
  27. Do you play any outdoor sports? What are they?
  28. Do you watch any sports? What’s your favourite moment?
  29. Which game do you like the most – football (soccer), cricket or something else?
  30. Should a team of girls and boys compete in the same match?
  31. What’s your favourite sports moment?
  32. Who’s your favourite sports star, and why?
  33. Do you like travelling? Where have you travelled to date?
  34. What’s the craziest adventurous tour you’ve ever been on?
  35. What’s your fantasy road trip like?
  36. Would you like to travel to a different country or the same country?
  37. What’s a place that you always wanted to visit but couldn’t till now?
  38. Do you like your birthday to be celebrated? What does your ideal birthday celebration look like?
  39. What’s your favourite time-pass during holidays?
  40. What are your hobbies?
  41. Do you make new year resolutions? What was it this year?
  42. What’s your Sunday routine?
  43. How often do you go shopping? And, do you consider yourself as a heavy shopper or just a casual one?
  44. What do you prefer: online or offline shopping?
  45. Are you obsessed with branded clothes? Explain.
  46. Do you drive and do you have a driver’s license? Are you a good driver?
  47. What’s the best way to control drinking and driving?
  48. Is the future of the self-driving vehicle of transportation?
  49. What’s your take on online shopping? Should we think twice before buying something online?
  50. Do you think that many people are attracted by discounts?
Creativity and Fiction

Creativity & Fiction

  1. What if the digital camera wouldn’t have been invented?
  2. If someone gets you $100,000, what would you do and why?
  3. What would the world like without gravity?
  4. Imagine you are left out in a huge dessert. What would you do?
  5. How our lives would have been affected if the dinosaurs were alive today?
  6. What if you had a tree that grows money?
  7. What are some of your funniest jokes? Write them.
  8. Imagine you’re a famous person. What will you be famous for?
  9. Do you cook? Write some of the best recipes that you’ve ever cooked.
  10. If you start a YouTube channel, what topics would you cover, and why?
  11. What will you do if you could breathe underwater?
  12. Which is your weirdest dream? What happened there?
  13. One morning you wake up from a bad dream shouting. What was it?
  14. Take out any food packet from the kitchen and research all the ingredients.
  15. What would you like to be: a dinosaur or a unicorn?
  16. If given a chance, which movie character would you like to be?
  17. Do you try new things? What have you recently tried?
  18. Write a 12 line poem about nature?
  19. Prepare a set of questions that you’d ask your favourite celebrity?
  20. Name 3 things that people should do to save the environment.
  21. In what kinds of clothes do you find yourself to be more comfortable at home?
  22. Complete the story. “I entered the house and suddenly…”
  23. Write a message for your future self in 30 years.
  24. You wake up and find yourself in a deadly jungle. What will you do?
  25. What are you good at? Explain.
  26. Name a food that you don’t like. And, explain why?
  27. What will be changed the most in the near future?
  28. You have come to earth from an alien planet. What do you find to be most amusing?
  29. Explain the best moment of your life.
  30. If you are to be given a secret superpower, what would you ask for?
  31. How productive and organized are you?
  32. Under what conditions do you perform your best?
  33. Explain how procrastination prevents people from succeeding.
  34. Which famous person would you invite to speak at your school?
  35. What is something special about your hometown?
  36. Have you ever interacted with the police? What was it like?
  37. Is money the only key to happiness?
  38. After your death, what do you want to be known for?
  39. What if you’re the president for a single day? What would you do?
  40. Have you ever been in love? What does it feel like?

I know it’s difficult to get a good prompt from the list, but you can use the free writing prompts generator tool that I’ve recently created.

Final Words

Once you get started with these simple diary writing prompts then you will have a lot of ideas about writing, and later, you won’t even need these prompts.

There can be thousands of journal writing prompts, but these are the best and help you to unleash your creative power.

That’s it.

If you have any kinds of related query, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Also, share the article with the people who you think might be interested in writing diaries.


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