How to Deal if You don’t Get Selected in IITJEE

Appeared for the IITJEE exam but couldn’t crack it?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will share some tips in order to handle the post-IITJEE result stress in an easy way.

Of course, it takes a lot of time and determination to prepare for the IITJEE (JEE Mains & JEE Advanced) — but after all, IIT is not everything.

Derogatory remarks coming from the family and friends make the post-result situation more stressful and worse.

So, what should you do then?

What should be your approach to handle the stress if you can’t make into IITs?

Well, below are the top 5 tips which will help you handle the situation which generates after you fail to crack the IITJEE.

Here we go…

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Top 5 Tips to Overcome Stress after Failing to Crack IITJEE

No More Excuses

1. Don’t Make Excuses

In Indian societies, it is very normal for people to keep asking questions and even mocking on your failure.

The only solution is that don’t make excuses like “I was sick that’s why I couldn’t make into.” or “My grandfather died that’s why I was disturbed.” etc. Because, even if these statements are true, people will think that you are just making excuses and you don’t have capabilities to crack one of India’s toughest entrance exam IITJEE.

So, whenever someone asks why couldn’t you crack the IITJEE? Just reply to them calmly that you didn’t make enough efforts and you should have studied more in order to get selected in the JEE.

Next time, you will re-prepare for the JEE with double efforts. That will be more impactful and the person won’t ask you any more questions after.

It like identifying and accepting your mistakes instead of making an excuse.

Be Positive and Strong

2. Be Positive and Strong

Watch motivational videos and keep yourself busy doing things that you love to do which will help you in being positive and strong.

Look at the positive side of everything.

Learn from your mistakes and figure out where you should have put more efforts during the preparations of the exam.

Don’t ever think that you are not worthy because most of the successful people have failed at least once in their lives.

And remember,

Failure makes you strong.

This is just a start. You have not finished yet. Don’t let the people judge you on your failure.

Be positive and be strong.

Don't Lose Hope

3. Don’t Lose Hope

With the burning questions from families and friends coming in, you start feeling like IIT is not for you. You start losing hope that you would never be able to make into IITs.

But, that’s not correct at all.

Remember, you had the courage and determination that’s why you did start the IITJEE preparations. A single failure won’t and shouldn’t stop you from reaching the goal.

Because life is full of ups and downs and this is just a down. You must get over it soon. Start preparing again for the next time with 2x (double) determination.

Or, there are numerous other great career options which you can choose.

Don't Compare Yourself with Others

4. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

You are unique. You are not meant to be compared with someone else. Just watch yourself and realize the progress that you have made as compared to the past.

If you have learned something new today then you are making progress. If you are not first in the class but you scored more than the past year then you are making progress.

You are not in a race.

You have a bunch of other options left.

Don't Avoid Calls from Families and Friends

5. Don’t Avoid Calls from Families and Friends

Most of the students don’t receive calls after they don’t get selected because people will ask for the result and make a stupid comment.

But, you shouldn’t do that. Receive each and every call and reply to them strongly that you couldn’t make into the IIT because you didn’t study properly.

You will prepare with the double efforts next time. This is just a failure that doesn’t mean you are off the track.

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Final Words

Students who get depressed after failing the IITJEE exam should understand that this is not the end of the world.

There are a lot of other career options which they could do better in. Or, they could prepare for IITJEE again with 2x efforts and determination.

If you are also depressed after not bale to make into IITJEE or have a related query, then let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.

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