[9+ Tips] What do IIT-JEE Toppers Do Differently than Others?

Lacs of students appear for the IIT-JEE, every year. But, only a few thousand students make it into the IITs.

How do toppers study and prepare for the IIT-JEE?

What do toppers do differently, that others don’t?

First of all, you must know, IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology which is among the top premier institutes in India. For students, who want to study engineering, IIT is a dream college.

But, to get admission into IITs, one must secure high marks in the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) which is the entrance exam to get into IITs.

Well, in this post, I will be discussing – how the toppers study the various things that toppers do differently than others:

How do IIT-JEE Toppers Study and What do they do Differently than Others?

Students who make their way into IITs are not some extraordinary people born with supernatural powers, but they just do the same things and study the same books a little differently.

If you want to get into your IITs, then you should follow these 9+ tips that toppers follow in order to crack JEE.

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1. Proper Time Management

Proper Time Management

When you prepare for the JEE you don’t just have to study for IITJEE but, simultaneously, you will have to prepare for your 12th boards, attend schools, complete assignments, and projects, etc.

A lot of effort is needed in order to do preparations for IIT-JEE. And, if you don’t manage your time and studies properly, you might end up getting frustrated and full of stress.

So, you must create and follow a proper study plan where you should assign a certain time for each subject as per the difficulty level of the subjects.

I mean to say if you find a subject comparatively more difficult than other subjects then you should spend more time studying that subject.

Create short-term and long-term plans along with the timetable for each subject. Also, get involved in some sports activity regularly too.

2. Good Coaching/Mentoring

Good Coaching and Mentoring

There should not be any doubt that self-study is very important for you, but proper guidance or coaching is also important for you to crack JEE.

You don’t always know what and how exactly to study, but joining a coaching class will mentor you on what to study and various techniques to study. You also get a competitive environment with the other students which pushes you to study more and perform better.

It is not compulsory to join a coaching center, if you have someone who can provide you with proper guidance then you can go with that too.

3. Examination Strategies

Examination Strategies

Studying every subject thoroughly won’t help always, you should always keep in mind which types of questions are asked during the exams and you should prepare your exam strategy based on that only.

During the examination, first, quickly scan through all the questions and try to solve the easy ones first. Don’t try to solve 100% of questions, that way you will end up wasting your time; decide which questions you can solve and which questions you should leave.

4. Constant Revisions

Constant Revisions

Many students always take revisions in the wrong way – revisions don’t mean studying everything when exams are too close.

Concepts and Formulas are volatile and easily forgettable. You should constantly revise your previous chapters during preparations throughout the year.

5. Be Positive Always

Be Positive Always

Preparing for IITJEE not only requires a large amount of studies but also a very positive kind of attitude. You should always be emotionally stable and strong in order to keep fears and stress away from you.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and try to learn from your own mistakes which will help you work on and improve your weaknesses.

6. More Understanding, Less Memorizing

More Understanding, Less Memorizing

There are mainly two kinds of students – one, who memorize everything without understanding anything; and second, who try to understand everything and avoid memorizing.

Try to be the 2nd kind of student; avoid memorizing everything without understanding the concept. If you understand the concepts then the chances of forgetting will be less and you can solve other types of questions based on that concept that you haven’t solved yet.

7. Good Study Materials

Good Study Materials

Reading more textbooks and study materials will not help you clear your concepts but make you confused.

In order to make your concepts crystal clear and avoid any kind of confusion, try to study authentic study materials and books authored by experienced and good authors.

8. Self Study

Self Study

No matter how extraordinary and experienced your teacher or mentor is you should always consider studying and practicing yourself.

If you think that spending 6-10 hours at your coaching classes will help you crack IIT-JEE then maybe you took it the wrong way.

All the toppers spend more and more time developing their own way of solving the problems which they find to be most suitable for them.

9. Solving Sample/Previous Year Questions

Solving Sample or Previous Year Questions

Almost all the students who get into the IITs admit that they used to solve a lot of previous years’ IIT-JEE question papers or (and) sample question papers during the preparation period.

When you solve the previous year’s questions within the specified time limit, you will help yourself a lot during the real IITJEE examination.

You already will have an idea about which type of questions to solve and which type of questions to leave, which type of questions to solve first and which type of questions to solve last etc.

10. Be Healthy

Be Healthy Always

Like many students, if you too spend all your time reading and studying for the JEE then that’s not the way how toppers study.

Regularly, try to involve yourself in some sports or physical activities which will keep your metabolism optimum. Avoid eating fast food too.

Eating healthy, drinking enough water, and getting involved in physical activities will keep you healthy.

A Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body.

This means if you are healthy then your mind will be healthy too and that will understand you understand concepts more quickly.

Additionally, you can read the book, “The Topper Prepares: True Stories of Those Who Cracked the JEE”, where you will find the real stories of IITians – struggles they went through, the routine they followed, and tips from their experience.

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Things that toppers do differently than others:

  1. Proper Time Management
  2. Good Coaching/Mentoring
  3. Examination Strategies
  4. Constant Revisions
  5. Be Positive Always
  6. More Understanding, Less Memorizing
  7. Good Study Materials
  8. Self Study
  9. Solving Sample/Previous Year Questions
  10. Be Healthy

That’s it.

If you have a related query, feel free to let me know in the comments, right now.

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