Speech on Discrimination

Discrimination is a tricky subject that affects many people worldwide. It’s when someone is treated unfairly because of who they are.

You might have heard of it, or even experienced it. It can be based on race, gender, age or other things about a person.

1-minute Speech on Discrimination

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s talk about something very important today – discrimination. Discrimination is when we treat people unfairly because they are different from us. It’s like choosing a red apple over a green one, just because it’s red, even though both are apples.

Discrimination can happen because of many reasons. It could be due to the color of someone’s skin, where they come from, their religion, or even their gender. This is not fair. We all are humans, and we all deserve to be treated equally.

Let’s think about how discrimination makes people feel. Imagine if your friends didn’t play with you because you wore glasses, or because you were shorter than them. You would feel sad and left out. That’s how people feel when they are discriminated against. It hurts them.

Discrimination is not just wrong; it’s also harmful. It stops people from reaching their dreams, from being happy. It can also lead to fights and disagreements. We don’t want that, do we?

So, what can we do to stop discrimination? We can start by treating everyone equally, no matter how different they are from us. We can stand up for people who are being treated unfairly. We can also learn about different cultures and religions, to understand and respect them better.

Remember, every person is special. Every person has something to offer. Let’s celebrate our differences, not discriminate because of them. Let’s make our world a place where everyone is treated equally, a place free from discrimination. Thank you.

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2-minute Speech on Discrimination

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When we look at the world, we see many colors. We see red, blue, green, and many more. We see different shapes and sizes. We see tall mountains, wide rivers, and huge forests. Just like that, when we look at people, we see many types. Some are tall, some are short. Some have dark skin, some have light skin. Some speak one language, some speak another. This is what makes our world beautiful. But, there is a problem. This problem is called discrimination.

Discrimination is like a big, ugly monster. It hurts people because of their color, their language, their religion, or where they come from. It’s like saying, “You can’t play with us because you’re different.” This is wrong. It’s not fair. Every person is special and important. Every person deserves respect.

Discrimination is like a dark cloud. It covers the sun of happiness and peace. It brings the rain of sadness and anger. It makes people feel bad about themselves. It makes them feel like they’re not good enough. This is not true. Every person is good enough. Every person is valuable.

Discrimination is like a high wall. It separates people from each other. It stops them from being friends. It stops them from learning from each other. This is a loss. We can learn so much from each other. We can learn new things, new ideas, new ways of doing things.

But, there is hope. We can fight this monster. We can clear this cloud. We can break this wall. How? By treating everyone equally. By respecting everyone’s rights. By celebrating everyone’s differences. By learning from each other. By standing up against discrimination.

You see, we are like a big, beautiful garden. We have many types of flowers. Each flower is different. Each flower is special. Each flower adds beauty to the garden. Just like that, each person is different. Each person is special. Each person adds beauty to the world.

So, let’s say no to discrimination. Let’s say yes to equality. Let’s say yes to respect. Let’s say yes to diversity. Let’s say yes to learning. Let’s say yes to friendship. Let’s say yes to love. Because, in the end, love is stronger than discrimination.

Thank you.

11/11/2023 01:38 pm GMT

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