Who is the Father of Mycology?

Heinrich Anton de Bary is known as the father of Mycology.

Here are some quick facts about Heinrich Anton de Bary:

Birth 26 January 1831
Death 19 January 1888
Occupation Surgeon, Botanist, Mycologist
Known for Demonstrating sexual life cycle of fungi, Study of plant diseases, Coining the term “symbiosis”
Education Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Marburg, Berlin

Heinrich Anton de Bary - Father of Mycology

Heinrich Anton de Bary — Father of Mycology

Heinrich Anton de Bary, was a German botanist and mycologist who is considered the father of modern mycology.

He was able to read German and Latin at age five, and had mastered ancient Greek by the time he was ten. At 15, he published his first paper on plant physiology, in which he identified four essential qualities for plant life- nutrition, respiration, irritability, and reproduction- now known as “de Bary’s Laws”.

As an adult he turned his attention to fungi and became one of the foremost mycologists in history. He spent over three decades training hundreds of students at universities across Germany and France.

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