Who is the Father of Medicine?

Hippocrates is known as the father of Medicine.

Here are some quick facts about Hippocrates:

Birth 460 BC
Death 370 BC
Occupation Physician
Parents Heraclides, Praxitela
Era Classical Greece

Hippocrates - Father of Medicine

Hippocrates — Father of Medicine

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and medical researcher who lived from 460–370 B.C. He is considered the father of modern medicine because he was the first person to apply scientific principles to medicine and public health.

Hippocrates was famous for his oath, which he required all his students to take, swearing them to help their patients achieve good health.

Hippocrates is credited with many innovations in medicine, including clinical observation and its use as a basis for diagnosis; research into cause and effect relationships between diseases; documentation of cases; documentation of symptoms; use of therapies such as diet change; use of prognosis (guessing what will happen next); use of empiricism (testing remedies); prohibiting surgery because it was too risky, and insisting on ethical behavior by physicians towards patients and each other.

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