Who is the Father of Indian Sociology?

Learn about the father of Indian Sociology and highlights about their life.

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Govind Sadashiv Ghurye is known as the father of Indian Sociology.

Here are some quick facts about Govind Sadashiv Ghurye:

Birth 12 December 1893
Death 28 December 1983
Alma mater University of Cambridge
Fields Sociology, Anthropology
Birth Place Malvan, Bombay

Govind Sadashiv Ghurye - Father of Indian Sociology

Govind Sadashiv Ghurye — Father of Indian Sociology

Govind Sadashiv Ghurye was an Indian sociologist and consider as father of sociology.

He known for his contributions to the study of caste systems in India. He studied social stratification among different communities of India, rural and urban society, religion and society, history and sociology of family and marriage among Indians.

He was awarded with Padma Bhushan by Government of India and also served as Vice-Chancellor of University of Poona (now Savitribai Phule Pune University).

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