Who is the Father of Geology?

James Hutton is known as the father of Geology.

Here are some quick facts about James Hutton:

Birth 3 June 1726
Death 26 March 1797
Alma mater University of Edinburgh, University of Paris
Known for Plutonic geology, Uniformitarianism
Fields Geology

James Hutton - Father of Geology

James Hutton — Father of Geology

James Hutton is remembered as the father of geology. He was a Scottish physician, geologist and naturalist who started out as a farmer before he became interested in geology.

He first studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh but then changed to studying geology and natural history. He published many books on geology and other subjects, including “Theory of the Earth”.

He was one of the first people to study fossil plants, which led him to believe that mountains were formed over millions of years, not by Noah’s flood as some people believed at the time.

He also discovered that fossils sometimes formed underground when layers of sediment were compressed over time.

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