Who is the Father of Chemistry?

Antoine Lavoisier is known as the father of Chemistry.

Here are some quick facts about Antoine Lavoisier:

Birth 26 August 1743
Death 8 May 1794
Birthplace Paris, France
Known for Discovery and naming of oxygen and hydrogen
Other works Developed metric system, standardized chemical nomenclature

Antoine Lavoisier - Father of Chemistry

Antoine Lavoisier — Father of Chemistry

Antoine Lavoisier is remembered as the father of chemistry, but he was also a statesman and an economist.

He was born in 1743, in Paris, France. At age 26, he married Marie Anne Paulze and had three children with her. He worked as a tax collector until he was sent to prison under the Reign of Terror. His wife died while he was imprisoned, and his father-in-law paid for his release after 10 months in prison.

In 1791, Lavoisier became one of the first members of the French Academy of Sciences, where he worked on many projects related to chemistry and physics. He discovered that air contains oxygen (which we breathe in) and carbon dioxide (which humans exhale). He also found that water can be broken down into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas when it is heated with a flame or spark.

Lavoisier also discovered that some metals turn into a gas when they are heated—including mercury; this gas is called hydrogen gas. He had many other discoveries about air and water too!

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