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Paragraph on Peacock in 100 Words

A peacock is a big, beautiful bird with very long tail feathers that have eye-like patterns. These feathers can fan out, and it looks like a colorful show. The bird does this to impress others, especially the peahens, which are female peacocks. Peacocks are mostly blue and green and shine when the sun hits them. They make a loud call that sounds like they are saying “help me.” People like to watch peacocks in zoos because they are so pretty. Peacocks eat seeds, plants, and small insects. They are also known for being very proud birds because of their stunning feathers.

Paragraph on Peacock in 200 Words

A peacock is a big and beautiful bird with bright, colorful feathers. It’s famous for its long tail that can fan out into a giant circle full of eye-catching spots that look like many shiny eyes. The male bird is the one with this fancy tail, and he shows it off to impress the female birds. Peacocks can make loud calls, and their feathers have all the colors of the rainbow, like green, blue, and yellow. They love to walk around in gardens and forests, shaking their heads and showing off their dazzling tails. Peacocks eat seeds, plants, and sometimes little insects. When they are not strutting around, they like to sit in the shade of trees or on high branches. People in many places think peacocks are special and they often appear in stories and pictures. In some countries, the peacock is a symbol of good luck and is even considered to be a royal bird. These birds are very graceful and can fly, although they don’t go very high or far. Peacocks are also known for being friendly with people, and sometimes you can see them in parks where they live near humans. They are truly wonderful creatures to watch.

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Paragraph on Peacock in 250 Words

The peacock is a large and colorful bird known for its striking tail feathers, which fan out in a dazzling display of blue, green, and gold spots that look like eyes. These beautiful feathers are used by male peacocks, called peacocks, to attract female peafowls, known as peahens. When a peacock shakes his tail, it makes a rustling sound that also gets the peahen’s attention. Peacocks are part of the pheasant family and are native to Asia, but many people in different parts of the world keep them in parks and gardens because they are so pretty to look at. They can be as long as a full-grown human is tall—up to four feet from their beak to the tip of their tail. Their tail feathers alone can be six feet wide when spread out. Even though they are heavy birds, peacocks can fly short distances, usually to get to a tree branch where they feel safe at night. Apart from their beauty, peacocks make loud calls, and some people believe they can predict rain because they often call out before a storm. Peacocks eat seeds, insects, and plants, and they walk around on the ground during the day looking for food. These birds are not just pretty; they are also symbols in many cultures, representing things like royalty, beauty, and the cycle of life. Many stories and legends from different countries include peacocks, showing just how special and admired these birds are all over the world.

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