Download NCERT Books Important for IITJEE – Class 11th & 12th [PDF]

When it comes to studying the theory, NCERT books are the best for preparing for IITJEE.

I agree that NCERT books have a very small collection of questions which are not enough for the IIT-JEE Preparations but, the theory part can be studied from these books in the start.

In this post, I will be listing out all the NCERT books that are necessary for your IITJEE preparations and also providing you with the link where you can download them all.

Here, I go then…

Download PDF of NCERT Books for IITJEE

Below is the list of all the necessary books and next to each item there’s a link by clicking which you can download the Book in PDF format.

[ The list has been updated on 23 November 2020]

NCERT Books of Class 11th

1. Physics Part 1 (Download Now)

2. Physics Part 2 (Download Now)

3. Chemistry Part 1 (Download Now)

4. Chemistry Part 2 (Download Now)

5. Mathematics (Download Now)

NCERT Books for Class 12th

1. Physics Part 1 (Download Now)

2. Physics Part 2 (Download Now)

3. Chemistry Part 1 (Download Now)

4. Chemistry Part 2 (Download Now)

5. Mathematics Part 1 (Download Now)

6. Mathematics Part 2 (Download Now)

Note: All the books are in .zip format. So, if you are downloading these books on your laptop then use a ZIP extractor tool like WinRar to extract the files. And, if you’re downloading on your smartphone then you can download any ZIP extractor tool like ZArchiver to extract the files.

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Final Words

So, that’s it. This was the list of all the NCERT books (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) necessary for the IITJEE preparation.

If you have any related queries, then let me know in the comments below.

20 replies on “Download NCERT Books Important for IITJEE – Class 11th & 12th [PDF]”

Hi! Thanks a lot for this info but when i tried downloading the book it shows error. The web page is not opening, can you please sort that out. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for pointing out, Dhafnee.

It was outdated. I have updated all the links and it should open at your end now.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Avinash, I checked and all the links are working fine. There might be some other problem with your internet. Kindly check and let me know if it works now.

Thanks for letting me know, Abhi.

I have updated the list, again. It should get downloaded now.

I pay my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for proving such a useful material.It is merely increadible..I love it.

Just checked! It’s downloading.

Please note that it’ll be downloaded into .zip format and you’ll have to extract it before you see the PDF files.

Hope that helps, thanks.

Hello Deepak Sir the links are not opening can you please check it there is just a loding page but it is not downloading the file in my laptop please check it and thanks for providing the pdfs

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