IIT (ISM) vs IITP – A Quick Comparison Between IIT Dhanbad and IIT Patna

The IITs are India’s most prestigious technical universities, and they’re also one of the most competitive.

If you want to get into an IIT, you’ll need to work hard and prepare yourself for a lot of competition. But it’s worth it—these schools provide an incredible education, and they’re known around the world as some of the best places to study engineering.

If you’re looking at IIT (ISM) and IITP in India and aren’t sure which one to choose, here’s a quick comparison guide!

Both schools have a heavy focus on academics and research—you can expect to spend a lot of time studying and working on projects for the school or for professors during your time at either school. The difference here comes in how much freedom you’ll have to pursue your own interests: while both schools offer plenty of opportunities for extracurriculars and internships throughout their campuses, IIT Patna offers more opportunities for self-directed projects than IIT Dhanbad does.

However, it’s not fair to compare a very old and reputable institution with a completely new one.

But, since someone has asked this question, I’m gonna compare the IIT (ISM) and IITP quickly in this post.

Actually, this is not really a comparison but a simple list of course offerings, departments, rankings, etc. between these two IITs.

Earlier, I have also compared IIT Dhanbad vs IIT Bhubaneswar which you can take a look at.

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad vs IIT Patna

I am going to quickly compare these 2 on the basis of the establishment, location, history, departments, academics, rankings, infrastructure etc.

1. Establishment

IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT Patna

2. Location

IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT Patna
3 KMs from Dhanbad Junction Railway Station, Dhanbad, Jharkhand30 KMs from the Patna City, Bihta, Patna, Bihar

3. History

IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT Patna
The idea was first proposed by INC (Indian National Congress) in 1901.Established by an Act of the Indian Parliament on August 6, 2008.
ISM (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad officially got converted into IIT Dhanbad in 2016.IITP (IIT Patna) has been fully operational since 2015.
Became the National Institute of Importance in 2016.Also recognized as the Institute of National Importance.

4. Departments

IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT Patna
– Department of Chemical Engineering
– Department of Civil Engineering
– Department of Computer Science and Engineering
– Department of Electrical Engineering
– Department of Electronics Engineering
– Department of Environmental Engineering
– Department of Fuel and Mineral Engineering
– Department of Mechanical Engineering
– Department of Mining Engineering
– Department of Mining Machinery Engineering
– Department of Petroleum Engineering

Basic Sciences
– Department of Applied Chemistry
– Department of Applied Geology
– Department of Applied Geophysics
– Department of Applied Mathematics
– Department of Applied Physics

Social Sciences
– Department of Humanities and Social Science

– Department of Management Studies (Formerly Industrial Engineering & Management)
– Department of Computer Science and Engineering
– Department of Electrical Engineering
– Department of Mechanical Engineering
– Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
– Department of Chemical Engineering
– Department of Mathematics and Computing
– Department of Nanotechnology
– Department of Mechatronics
– Department of Communication Systems Engineering
– Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
– Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
– Department of VLSI and Embedded Systems

Humanities & Social Sciences
– Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Department of Endangered Language Studies

Basic Sciences
– Department of Chemistry
– Department of Physics
– Department of Mathematics

5. Rankings

IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT Patna
According to the QS World University Rankings, ranked among BRICS: 191-200 [2018].According to the QS World University Rankings, ranked among BRICS: 108 [2018].
According to NIRF, ranked 13 among Engineering Colleges.According to NIRF, ranked 24 among Engineering Colleges.

Final Words

I know that there is a lot more to include. But, let’s keep it precise and quick.

Still, if you want to add something here, please let me know in the comments.


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