List of Indian Spacecrafts Launched by ISRO

ISRO has launched more than 100 Spacecrafts since its establishment in 1969.

ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organisation which is a space agency owned by the Government of India and was established by Vikram Sarabhai on 15th August 1969.

After establishment, it launched its very first experimental spacecraft named Aryabhata on 19 April 1975. And, after that 100+ satellites have been launched by the agency till date.

In this blog post, I will be providing you with the list of name of all the satellites launched by the ISRO along with their date of launch, orbit type and application in the real world.

There are some shortcut satellite-related terms used in the table which you can find detailed information about at the end of the post.

So, here we go…

ISRO Satellite Launch View
ISRO Satellite Launch View


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Spacecrafts Launched by ISRO List

Sl. Spacecraft Name Launch Date Orbit Type Application
1 Aryabhata 19-Apr-1975 Experimental
2 Bhaskara-I 7-Jun-1979 LEO Earth Observation,
3 Rohini Technology
Payload (RTP)
4 Rohini Satellite RS-1 18-Jul-1980
5 Rohini Satellite RS-D1 31-May-1981 LEO Earth Observation
6 APPLE 19-Jun-1981 GSO Communication,
7 Bhaskara-II 20-Nov-1981 LEO Earth Observation,
8 INSAT-1A 10-Apr-1982 GSO Communication
9 Rohini Satellite RS-D2 17-Apr-1983 LEO Earth Observation
10 INSAT-1B 30-Aug-1983 GSO Communication
11 SROSS-1 24-Mar-1987 Experimental
12 IRS-1A 17-Mar-1988 SSPO Earth Observation
13 SROSS-2 13-Jul-1988 Earth Observation,
14 INSAT-1C 22-Jul-1988 GSO Communication
15 INSAT-1D 12-Jun-1990 GSO Communication
16 IRS-1B 29-Aug-1991 SSPO Earth Observation
17 SROSS-C 20-May-1992 Experimental
18 INSAT-2A 10-Jul-1992 GSO Communication
19 INSAT-2B 23-Jul-1993 GSO Communication
20 IRS-1E 20-Sep-1993 LEO Earth Observation
21 SROSS-C2 4-May-1994 Experimental
22 IRS-P2 15-Oct-1994 SSPO Earth Observation
23 INSAT-2C 7-Dec-1995 GSO Communication
24 IRS-1C 28-Dec-1995 SSPO Earth Observation
25 IRS-P3 21-Mar-1996 SSPO Earth Observation
26 INSAT-2D 4-Jun-1997 GSO Communication
27 IRS-1D 29-Sep-1997 SSPO Earth Observation
28 INSAT-2E 3-Apr-1999 GSO Communication
29 Oceansat(IRS-P4) 26-May-1999 SSPO Earth Observation
30 INSAT-3B 22-Mar-2000 GSO Communication
31 GSAT-1 18-Apr-2001 GSO Communication
32 The Technology Experiment
Satellite (TES)
22-Oct-2001 SSPO Earth Observation
33 INSAT-3C 24-Jan-2002 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication
34 KALPANA-1 12-Sep-2002 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication
35 INSAT-3A 10-Apr-2003 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication
36 GSAT-2 8-May-2003 GSO Communication
37 INSAT-3E 28-Sep-2003 GSO Communication
38 IRS-P6 / RESOURCESAT-1 17-Oct-2003 SSPO Earth Observation
39 EDUSAT 20-Sep-2004 GSO Communication
40 CARTOSAT-1 5-May-2005 SSPO Earth Observation
41 HAMSAT 5-May-2005 SSPO Communication
42 INSAT-4A 22-Dec-2005 GSO Communication
43 INSAT-4C 10-Jul-2006 GSO Communication
44 SRE-1 10-Jan-2007 SSPO Experimental
45 CARTOSAT-2 10-Jan-2007 SSPO Earth Observation
46 INSAT-4B 12-Mar-2007 GSO Communication
47 INSAT-4CR 2-Sep-2007 GSO Communication
48 IMS-1 28-Apr-2008 SSPO Earth Observation
49 CARTOSAT – 2A 28-Apr-2008 SSPO Earth Observation
50 Chandrayaan-1 22-Oct-2008 Lunar Planetary Observation
51 RISAT-2 20-Apr-2009 SSPO Earth Observation
52 Oceansat-2 23-Sep-2009 SSPO Climate & Environment,
Earth Observation
53 GSAT-4 15-Apr-2010 GSO Communication
54 CARTOSAT-2B 12-Jul-2010 SSPO Earth Observation
55 GSAT-5P 25-Dec-2010 GSO Communication
56 YOUTHSAT 20-Apr-2011 SSPO Student Satellite
57 RESOURCESAT-2 20-Apr-2011 SSPO Earth Observation
58 GSAT-8 21-May-2011 GEO Communication, Navigation
59 GSAT-12 15-Jul-2011 GSO Communication
60 Megha-Tropiques 12-Oct-2011 SSPO Climate & Environment,
Earth Observation
61 RISAT-1 26-Apr-2012 SSPO Earth Observation
62 GSAT-10 29-Sep-2012 GEO Communication, Navigation
63 SARAL 25-Feb-2013 SSPO Climate & Environment,
Earth Observation
64 IRNSS-1A 1-Jul-2013 GSO Navigation
65 INSAT-3D 26-Jul-2013 GSO Climate & Environment,
Disaster Management System
66 GSAT-7 30-Aug-2013 GSO Communication
67 Mars Orbiter Mission
5-Nov-2013 Martian Planetary Observation
68 GSAT-14 5-Jan-2014 GSO Communication
69 IRNSS-1B 4-Apr-2014 GSO Navigation
70 IRNSS-1C 16-Oct-2014 GEO Navigation
71 GSAT-16 7-Dec-2014 GSO Communication
72 Crew module Atmospheric
Re-entry Experiment (CARE)
18-Dec-2014 Experimental
73 IRNSS-1D 28-Mar-2015 GSO Navigation
74 GSAT-6 27-Aug-2015 GTO Communication
75 Astrosat 28-Sep-2015 Space Science
76 GSAT-15 11-Nov-2015 GEO Communication, Navigation
77 IRNSS-1E 20-Jan-2016 GSO Navigation
78 IRNSS-1F 10-Mar-2016 GEO Navigation
79 IRNSS-1G 28-Apr-2016 GEO Navigation
80 CARTOSAT-2 Series
22-Jun-2016 SSPO Earth Observation
81 INSAT-3DR 8-Sep-2016 GSO Climate & Environment,
Disaster Management System
82 SCATSAT-1 26-Sep-2016 SSPO Climate & Environment
83 GSAT-18 6-Oct-2016 GSO Communication
84 RESOURCESAT-2A 7-Dec-2016 SSPO Earth Observation
85 INS-1A 15-Feb-2017 SSPO Experimental
86 Cartosat -2 Series
15-Feb-2017 SSPO Earth Observation
87 INS-1B 15-Feb-2017 SSPO Experimental
88 GSAT-9 5-May-2017 GSO Communication
89 GSAT-19 5-Jun-2017 GSO Communication
90 Cartosat-2 Series
23-Jun-2017 SSPO Earth Observation
91 GSAT-17 29-Jun-2017 GTO Communication
92 IRNSS-1H 31-Aug-2017 Navigation
93 INS-1C 12-Jan-2018 SSPO Experimental
94 Cartosat-2 Series
12-Jan-2018 SSPO Earth Observation
95 Microsat 12-Jan-2018 SSPO Experimental
96 GSAT-6A 29-Mar-2018 GSO Communication
97 IRNSS-1I 12-Apr-2018 GSO Navigation
98 GSAT-29 14-Nov-2018 GTO Communication
99 HysIS 29-Nov-2018 SSPO Earth Observation
100 GSAT-11 Mission 5-Dec-2018 GTO Communication
101 GSAT-7A 19-Dec-2018 Communication
102 Microsat-R 24-Jan-2019 SSPO
103 GSAT-31 6-Feb-2019 GTO Communication
104 EMISAT 1-Apr-2019 SSPO
105 RISAT-2B 22-May-2019 LEO Disaster Management System,
Earth Observation

Types of ISRO Spacecrafts

Mainly, there are 7 types of satellites used by ISRO, which are:

  1. Communication Satellites
  2. Earth Observation Satellites
  3. Scientific Spacecraft
  4. Navigation Satellites
  5. Experimental Satellites
  6. Small Satellites
  7. Student Satellites
PSLV - C35 Launchpad View
PSLV – C35 Launchpad View


List of Unsuccessful and Failed Satellites

Yes, 11 out of these 105 spacecrafts have been either failed during the launch or failed in the orbit.

8 spacecrafts were not able to be launched, which are:

  1. Rohini Technology Payload – RTP (1979)
  2. SROSS-1 (1987)
  3. SROSS-2 (1988)
  4. IRS-1E (1993)
  5. INSAT-4C (2006)
  6. GSAT-4 (2010)
  7. GSAT-5P (2010)
  8. IRNSS-1H (2017)

And, 3 spacecrafts were failed in the orbit, which are:

  1. INSAT-1A (1982)
  2. INSAT-1C (1988) [Partial Failure]
  3. INSAT-2D (1997)

Full Forms of the Spacecraft Names

ISRO spacecraft names abbreviation:

  1. APPLE – Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment
  2. INSAT – Indian National Satellite
  3. SROSS – Stretched Rohini Satellite Series
  4. IRS – Indian Remote Sensing
  5. GSAT – Geosynchronous Satellite
  6. EDUSAT – Educational Satellite
  7. HAMSAT – Amateur Radio Operator Satellite
  8. CARTOSAT – Cartographic Satellite
  9. SRE – Space Capsule Recovery Experiment
  10. IMS – Indian Mini Satellite
  11. RISAT – Radar Imaging Satellite
  12. SARAL – Satellite with ARgos and ALtiKa
  13. IRNSS – Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
  14. SCATSAT – Scatterometer Satellite
  15. HySIS – Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite
  16. EMISAT – Electromagnetic Intelligence-gathering Satellite

Full Forms of the Launch Vehicles Names

There are mainly 4 types of launch vehicle ISRO has, which are:

  1. SLV – Satellite Launch Vehicle
  2. ASLV – Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
  3. PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
  4. GSLV – Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

ISRO Launch Vehicles

Full Forms of the Orbit Types

ISRO orbit type abbreviation:

  1. LEO – Low Earth Orbit
  2. GSO – Geosynchronous Orbit
  3. SSPO – Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbit
  4. GEO – Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit
  5. GTO – Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit

Wrapping it up

Despite the low yearly budget, as compared to the other world level space agencies, ISRO has achieved a lot. Recently, it has also been testing its mission to Moon (Chandrayaan 2) which the whole world was excited about.

So, that’s it.

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