Who is the Father of Local Self-Government in India?

Lord Ripon is known as the father of Local Self-Government in India.

Here are some quick facts about Lord Ripon:

Birth 24 October 1827
Death 9 July 1909
Birth Place 10 Downing Street, London
Political party Liberal
Nationality British

Lord Ripon - Father of Local Self-Government in India

Lord Ripon — Father of Local Self-Government in India

Lord Ripon is the father of local-self-government in India.

He was a British Viceroy in India during the late 19th century. His tenure as Viceroy was marked by his attempts to expand local self-government throughout the country, including the creation of elected councils at the district, municipal and village levels.

This reform movement contributed greatly to the public education system in India, and paved the way for wider reforms in government administration and social institutions.

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