Who is the Father of Indian Army?

Stringer Lawrence is known as the father of Indian Army.

Here are some quick facts about Stringer Lawrence:

Birth March 1697
Death 10 January 1775
Years of service 1727–1766
Rank Major-General
Battles/wars Jacobite rising of 1745, First Carnatic War, Second Carnatic War, Third Carnatic War, Battle of Golden Rock

Stringer Lawrence - Father of Indian Army

Stringer Lawrence — Father of Indian Army

Stringer Lawrence, father of the Indian Army. In 1842, he joined the British East India Company’s military service. He took part in the First Anglo-Sikh War and earned a Victoria Cross for his bravery during the Battle of Sobraon.

He then served as acting commissioner at Lahore before being appointed Secretary to the Commissioner at Mhow in 1857. During this time he was responsible for recruiting irregulars and organizing them into a fighting force that would become known as The Central India Horse (Cavalry).

He also recruited local villagers into armed groups known as ‘Home Guards’. His work in organizing these irregular forces would prove vital during the Indian Mutiny when they were used to suppress rebellion across central India.

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