Who is the Father of Educational Psychology?

Edward Lee Thorndike is known as the father of Educational Psychology.

Here are some quick facts about Edward Lee Thorndike:

Birth August 31, 1874
Death August 9, 1949
Education Wesleyan University (B.S.), Harvard University (M.A.), Columbia University (PhD)
Occupation Psychologist
Known for Father of Educational Psychology, Law of Effect, Behavior Modification

Edward Lee Thorndike - Father of Educational Psychology

Edward Lee Thorndike — Father of Educational Psychology

Edward Lee Thorndike was a psychologist who made significant contributions to the field of education. His research focused on how people learn and how to use that information to improve teaching methods.

He is best known for his theory of instrumental learning, which explains how people are able to learn new behaviors through trial and error.

Thorndike’s work helped lay the foundation for modern educational psychology, and he became one of the most influential psychologists of all time.

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