Who is the Father of Ecology?

Alexander von Humboldt is known as the father of Ecology.

Here are some quick facts about Alexander von Humboldt:

Birth 14 September 1769
Death 6 May 1859
Known for Biogeography, Kosmos (1845–1862), Humboldt Current, Magnetic storm, Humboldtian science, Berlin Romanticism
Awards Copley Medal (1852)
Fields Geography

Alexander von Humboldt - Father of Ecology

Alexander von Humboldt — Father of Ecology

Alexander von Humboldt was a German naturalist and explorer who is considered to be the father of ecology.

He is best known for his five-volume work Kosmos, which he published between 1844 and 1849. This work covered a wide range of topics, including geology, meteorology, botany, geography, mineralogy, zoology, and anthropology.

Humboldt also made important contributions to the field of geodesy (the measurement of Earth’s size and shape), as well as creating new standards for thermometers used in scientific experiments.

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