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100 Words Essay on Untouchability

What is Untouchability?

Untouchability is the practice of discriminating against people belonging to certain castes in India. It is considered to be a form of social exclusion and is outlawed by the constitution of India.

Effects of Untouchability

Untouchability has caused a lot of harm to people belonging to lower castes in India. They often face social and economic discrimination, lack of access to education, and are denied basic human rights. This has resulted in a lack of opportunities and has held them back from achieving their full potential.

Eliminating Untouchability

The government of India has taken steps to eliminate untouchability through laws and policies. This includes making education compulsory and providing reservation in government jobs and educational institutions. There has also been an increased focus on raising awareness about the issue through campaigns and other public initiatives.


Untouchability is an ongoing problem in India, but with the right measures and awareness, it can be eliminated. It is important that we all work together to create an equal and inclusive society where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

250 Words Essay on Untouchability


Untouchability is a social evil that has been prevalent in India for centuries. It is a practice of exclusion and discrimination based on caste and is still prevalent in many parts of India. This essay will discuss the issue of untouchability and its various forms, causes and effects.

Forms of Untouchability

Untouchability takes different forms in different parts of India. It is commonly seen in the form of restrictions on access to resources, segregation in public places, and discrimination in the workplace. In some parts of India, untouchables are not allowed to enter temples or use the same public facilities as other castes. Similarly, they are often denied access to education and job opportunities.

Causes of Untouchability

The cause of untouchability can be traced back to the caste system. In Hinduism, there is a rigid hierarchy of castes which are determined by birth. As a result, those belonging to lower castes are denied access to resources and opportunities. This has led to a situation where some castes are deemed ‘untouchable’ and are excluded from the mainstream.

Effects of Untouchability

The effects of untouchability are far-reaching and have a detrimental impact on society. Those who are subjected to untouchability are often denied access to basic resources and opportunities, leading to a vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation. This in turn leads to marginalization and exclusion from the mainstream. Additionally, it has led to the proliferation of social evils such as child labour, malnutrition, and lack of education.


In conclusion, untouchability is a social evil that has far-reaching consequences. It is rooted in the caste system and has led to exclusion and deprivation of those belonging to lower castes. It is therefore essential that steps are taken to eradicate this practice and ensure equal access to resources and opportunities for all.

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