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100 Words Essay on My Favourite Animal


My favourite animal is the elephant. It is the largest land animal and is known for its intelligence and memory.


Elephants have a grey skin, long curved tusks and a long trunk. They have large ears that they flap to keep cool.


Elephants are very social and live in groups. They are gentle and caring towards each other.

Why I Like Elephants

I like elephants because they are smart and kind. They show us how important it is to live in harmony with nature.

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250 Words Essay on My Favourite Animal


My favourite animal is the dolphin, an extraordinary creature known for its intelligence, social behaviour, and unique communication methods. Dolphins are marine mammals that have captivated humans for centuries due to their intriguing characteristics and playful nature.

Intelligence and Communication

Dolphins’ intelligence is one of the primary reasons they are my favourite animal. They possess a complex brain and demonstrate cognitive abilities that rival those of humans. Dolphins have been observed using tools, recognizing themselves in mirrors, and learning new skills from other dolphins, which is evidence of their advanced cognitive abilities. Furthermore, their intricate communication methods, which involve a series of clicks, whistles, and body movements, are a testament to their intelligence.

Social Behaviour

Another fascinating aspect of dolphins is their social behaviour. They live in groups, known as pods, and display strong social bonds. Dolphins cooperate in hunting, defend each other from predators, and even assist sick or injured members, demonstrating empathy and altruism.

Conservation Importance

Dolphins also play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems. However, they face numerous threats, including pollution, habitat loss, and bycatch. Their plight serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for conservation efforts. The survival of these intelligent creatures is not only essential for the health of marine ecosystems but also for the continued opportunity to study and learn from their advanced social structures and cognitive abilities.


In conclusion, the dolphin, with its remarkable intelligence, social behaviour, and conservation significance, is my favourite animal. The dolphin’s characteristics and behaviours provide a rich source of study and inspiration, making it a truly fascinating creature.

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500 Words Essay on My Favourite Animal


Animals have been an integral part of our ecosystem and our lives since time immemorial. Each animal, with its unique characteristics and behaviours, fascinates us in its own way. However, the animal that has always held a special place in my heart is the elephant. This gigantic yet gentle creature, with its physical grandeur and emotional depth, has intrigued me since my childhood.

The Majestic Appearance

The elephant, particularly the African elephant, is the largest land mammal on earth. Its majestic size, coupled with its unique physical features such as the long trunk, large ears, and tusks, make it an awe-inspiring sight. The elephant’s trunk, a fusion of the nose and upper lip, is a marvel of nature’s engineering. It serves multiple purposes, from being a tool for feeding and drinking to a means of communication and an instrument of defense. The tusks, found in both males and females, are another distinguishing feature. These elongated incisor teeth, often associated with the elephant’s power and dignity, are used for digging, lifting objects, gathering food, and stripping bark from trees.

Emotional Depth and Social Structure

Elephants are known for their advanced cognitive abilities and emotional depth. They exhibit a wide range of emotions, including joy, playfulness, grief, and even empathy. Elephants are also known to have excellent memory and can recognize other elephants and humans even after several years. They live in a complex social structure, with herds typically led by the oldest and often largest female, known as the matriarch. The social bonds within the herd are strong, with members showing cooperative behaviour and collective decision-making.

Symbol of Conservation

Elephants are a keystone species, playing a crucial role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems they inhabit. They help in seed dispersal and create clearings in the vegetation, promoting the growth of a diverse range of plant species. However, elephants are currently facing numerous threats, primarily due to habitat loss and poaching for ivory. Their conservation is of paramount importance, not only for their survival but also for the overall health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Personal Connection and Conclusion

My fascination with elephants goes beyond their physical attributes and cognitive abilities. I am deeply moved by their display of emotions, their social structure, and their pivotal role in the ecosystem. They symbolize strength, wisdom, and resilience, qualities that I greatly admire and strive to imbibe. My favourite animal, the elephant, serves as a constant reminder of the intricate and beautiful connections that exist in nature, and the responsibility we bear to protect and preserve them.

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