Difference between Polyhouse and Greenhouse

Polyhouses and Greenhouses are two types of structures used in agriculture for growing plants.

The main difference is that polyhouses are made of polyethylene sheets while greenhouses are made of glass or polycarbonate sheets.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Polyhouse and Greenhouse:

  • Polyhouse: A Polyhouse is a type of structure used in agriculture for growing plants, which is covered with polyethylene sheets.
  • Greenhouse: A Greenhouse is a type of structure that is also used for growing plants, but is covered with glass or polycarbonate sheets.

Polyhouse vs Greenhouse

Now, let’s move to Polyhouse vs Greenhouse:

Major differences between Polyhouse and Greenhouse

Polyhouse Greenhouse
Polyhouses are made of polyethylene sheets. Greenhouses are made of glass or polycarbonate sheets.
Polyhouses are less expensive than Greenhouses Greenhouses are more expensive than plyhouses
Polyhouses are used in small-scale agriculture or home gardening. Greenhouses are more commonly used in commercial agriculture,
Polyhouses may have limited visibility. Greenhouses offer better visibility and aesthetic appeal due to their glass walls
Polyhouses may require additional heating systems. Greenhouses offer better insulation and heat retention.

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Final words

Polyhouses and Greenhouses are both effective solutions for growing plants and vegetables, but they serve different purposes.

While Polyhouses are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide a favorable environment for commercial agriculture, Greenhouses offer a warm and humid environment that is ideal for personal or commercial gardening in regions with cold climates or limited sunlight.

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