10 Ways to Choose Right Medical Universities Abroad

There are many courses offered by the “n” numbers of medical universities abroad.

Right from the choice for the course to the selection of the universities are the most critical & time-taking process for the Indian students.

The best way to overcome the stress about choosing your dream university is research about everything in detail before making a choice. A wrong decision can simply destroy your aim of becoming a doctor by studying medicine abroad.

Here, in this article, I will be helping you to do your research right and land your dream in the right university.

Right Medical Universities Abroad

An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. — Robert Louis Stevenson

With that said, let’s start with the most 10 relevant facts for choosing the “Right Medical Universities Abroad“.

And, before starting, I would like to advise you that put your pen on paper and note down the following points:

Choosing Right Medical Universities Abroad

1. Select Your Course/Discipline

While the selection, of course, is the most predefined fact during the choice of university. First of all, you have to answer these questions:

  • Do you know what you exactly want to study?
  • Which specialization is relevant for your choice?
  • What is your area of interest?
  • Are you ready for the hard work?

See, these questions are always helpful to a selection of course. As per your selection, of course, you can select the medical university abroad.

Some universities offer undergraduate & postgraduate programs in various specializations too.

2. Check the University Ranking

University ranking decides the selection of best medical universities abroad. There are a number of a diverse ranking system which has a standard ranking system of universities, a few are:

  • Times Higher Education World University Ranking
  • QS World University Ranking
  • U.S. News Global University Ranking System
  • Shanghai University Academic Ranking of World Universities

3. Research the Affordable Fees

Study medicine abroad is quite cheaper than study medicine in India. Some medical universities abroad offered quality education with low tuition fees.

Most of the universities also offer food & accommodation at a lower budget.

4. Find out Other Experienced Indian Students Studying Medicine Abroad

Instead of attending the international university fairs, you can check the Indian student’s review on google about their experience, education in abroad.

Also, if you have an Indian friend or relative studying abroad then you can get fair reviews from them. They guide you about their learning experiences abroad including facility provided, tuition fees, accommodation, transportation and many more.

5. Selection of Country

Although, many countries provide MBBS education abroad. Every year, more than 50,000 students are going abroad for medical studies. As per the survey of “HindustanTimes News”, the number of students going abroad is rising very fast by each coming years.

Following is the tablewise list of top countries for studying medicine abroad:

Country Aggregate Criteria
Ukraine General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
Philippines General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
Russia General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
Kyrgyzstan General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
USA General: 60%
SC/ST/OBC: 45%
Criteria may differ as per universities
China General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
Georgia General: 50%
SC/ST/OBC: 40%
Criteria may differ as per universities
Poland Criteria may differ as
per universities

6. Check the Distance of the Nearest Airport from the University

You need to check the distance travelled from airport to university before your date of departure.

It is necessary for the comfort of students & parents when they visit each other.

7. The Curriculum Taught in the University

The course duration for medical universities abroad is about 6 years.

Most of the universities follow the Bologna process which consists of a series of agreements that specify the quality standard of education.

Lecture in the Medical University Abroad

8. Scholarships Available at the University

While pursuing medical education, most of the students have apprehension regarding expenses & the cost of studying medicine abroad.

Here, we enlisted the type of scholarships offered to Indian students are:

  • Institute Level Scholarship

Institute offered the scholarship to Indian students as per their criteria. Every year, around 70% of Indian students get scholarships at the institute level.

This scholarship is provided to a student who is currently pursuing nursing or medicine abroad. To avail, this scholarship, the age of the student must be 17 years.

  • Saltire Scholarships

This scholarship is a form of scholarships that offer up to 100 awards thereby worthing 371,400 tuition fees for one year for the full-time study program.

9. Find out the Accreditation and Recognition of the University

For Indian students, to practice in India, It is obligatory to have the medical degree recognized by the Medical Council of India.

You can check the top MCI recognized universities abroad here.

10. Medical Education System Abroad – Experts Opinion

According to LiveMint, the number of medical students seeking admission to medicine abroad has been increasing day by day.

The prosperity of medical courses abroad is responsible for this fact. The fees, courses, curriculum & academics attract the Indian students to study medicine abroad.


So, we end the discussion about the best ways to choose the right medical universities abroad.

The article will help you to explore the universities for medical education in different countries. Medical education abroad is quite expensive, but as compared to India, the abroad universities have been charging low tuition fees from international students.

If you have any related queries then please let us know in the comments right now.

Also, share this article with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.

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