Top 7 Benefits of Industrialisation

Industrialisation is the process of the shift from a farming or agrarian society to an industrial society, marked by technological advances. Industrialisation was made possible through fast transportation, mass production, and communication. In addition, it was also enabled through capital accumulation and increasing government intervention in the economy.

Benefits of Industrialisation

Benefits of Industrialisation

  1. Industrialisation creates jobs, which creates more wealth for everyone in society.
  2. It makes countries more self-sufficient, so they don’t have to rely on other countries for their resources and products.
  3. It saves energy because factories can produce more with less waste than individuals working at home or in small shops.
  4. It causes an increase in the standard of living and makes people more prosperous.
  5. It allows for mass production, which lowers prices and makes things cheaper for consumers.
  6. It helps the country’s economy grow stronger by increasing exports and decreasing imports (which means more money stays in your country).
  7. The industrial revolution led to better health for many people because it reduced the amount of physical labor required daily.

So, these are the benefits of Industrialisation.

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