Top 7 Benefits of Forests

Forests play a very important role in the weight and health of the planet. Forests can help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. They also provide food for animals and plants, reduce erosion on slopes, protect water quality by filtering water before it reaches rivers and lakes, reduces flooding, provides fire protection for homes by preventing dry grasses and leaves, and protect homes from lightning strikes.

Benefits of Forests

Benefits of Forests

  1. Forests help humans by providing us with oxygen and shade from the sun during hot summers.
  2. Forests help keep our planet healthy because they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into it as well as taking in water vapor from the clouds above them—which helps keep our ocean levels stable too.
  3. Forests provide us with fuel—we use wood from forests to make paper and fuel for heaters like fireplaces and stoves.
  4. Forests can help prevent erosion and flooding by slowing down water flow.
  5. Forests cover a ton of Earth’s surface, which helps keep things cool by reflecting sunlight back into space.
  6. Forests help reduce pollution.
  7. Forests are home to millions of animal species that provide food for humans as well as other animals.

So, these are the benefits of Forests.

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