Write 10 Lines on Water Cycle

The water cycle is nature’s magic trick. It’s how Earth recycles water, from the sky to the ground and back again.

You see the water cycle in action every day. Rain falls, rivers flow, and water evaporates – it’s a never-ending journey.

10 sentences on Water Cycle for kids (set #1)

  1. The water cycle is nature’s way of recycling water.
  2. It starts when the sun heats up water in rivers, lakes, and oceans, turning it into vapor.
  3. This process is called evaporation.
  4. Plants also lose water to the air in a process called transpiration.
  5. The water vapor rises high into the sky and cools down, forming clouds.
  6. This is known as condensation.
  7. When the clouds get heavy, water falls back to the earth as rain, snow, or hail.
  8. This process is called precipitation.
  9. Some of the water that falls to earth will be taken up by plants again.
  10. Some water seeps into the ground, replenishing underground water sources, or aquifers.
  11. Other water flows into rivers and streams, eventually reaching the sea.
  12. Then, the water cycle starts all over again!
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10 lines on Water Cycle (set #2)

  1. The water cycle is a continuous process where water moves around our planet.
  2. Sunlight heats up water in oceans, lakes, and rivers, causing it to evaporate.
  3. When water evaporates, it turns into water vapor and rises up into the sky.
  4. This water vapor forms clouds in a process called condensation.
  5. When the clouds get heavy, they release water back to the earth in the form of rain.
  6. This process of water falling back to earth is called precipitation.
  7. Some of the rainwater is absorbed by plants and used in photosynthesis.
  8. Other rainwater may seep into the ground, replenishing underground water stores, or aquifers.
  9. Some water runs off the land and flows back into rivers and oceans, a process known as runoff.
  10. Over time, this water will once again be heated by the sun and the cycle repeats.
  11. The water cycle is vital for life on earth, as it distributes water and helps regulate climate.
  12. Humans can impact the water cycle through activities like farming, industry, and changing land surfaces.

So, this is 10 points on Water Cycle in an easy-to-understand way.

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