Write 10 Lines on Pollution Control

Pollution control is the key to a healthier planet. It’s about steps we take to reduce harmful substances in our environment.

You can help too! Simple actions like recycling or using less plastic make a big difference. Let’s explore this vital topic together.

10 sentences on Pollution Control for kids (set #1)

  1. Pollution is when harmful things get into our air, water, or land.
  2. We can control pollution by not littering and always putting trash in the bin.
  3. Walking or biking instead of using cars can help reduce air pollution.
  4. Planting trees is good because they clean the air by absorbing harmful gases.
  5. Water pollution can be lessened by not pouring oils or chemicals down the drain.
  6. Recycling paper, plastic, and glass helps to reduce waste and pollution.
  7. Turning off lights and electronics when not in use saves energy and reduces pollution.
  8. Using less water helps to keep our rivers and lakes clean and healthy.
  9. We should not burn leaves or trash because it causes air pollution.
  10. Buying less stuff means less waste, which helps to control pollution.
  11. Using reusable bags instead of plastic ones helps to reduce waste and pollution.
  12. Teaching others about pollution control is a great way to help our planet.
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10 lines on Pollution Control (set #2)

  1. Pollution control means reducing the waste we produce in our daily lives.
  2. Recycling items like paper, plastic, and glass helps to control pollution.
  3. Planting more trees can help to clean the air and reduce pollution.
  4. Using public transportation or carpooling can decrease air pollution.
  5. Switching off lights and electronics when not in use saves energy and reduces pollution.
  6. Composting organic waste can decrease landfill pollution.
  7. Choosing products with less packaging can reduce waste and pollution.
  8. Conserving water by taking shorter showers and fixing leaks helps control water pollution.
  9. Using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power can reduce pollution.
  10. Buying local products reduces transportation pollution.
  11. Disposing of chemicals properly prevents soil and water pollution.
  12. Spreading awareness about pollution control can encourage others to join the cause.

So, this is 10 points on Pollution Control in an easy-to-understand way.

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