Write 10 Lines on Earth

Earth is a planet in our solar system with vast oceans and a unique atmosphere. Many different kinds of life have evolved here, including humans, plants and animals.

10 sentences on Earth

  1. Earth is a planet that revolves around the sun in our solar system.
  2. It is also called the blue planet because it looks blue in color from the outer surface.
  3. Earth is one of the eight planets of the solar system.
  4. Earth is the only planet on which life has come into existence.
  5. Due to the earth’s rotation and iron core, it generates a powerful magnetic field.
  6. It provides us with air, water, food, and shelter.
  7. Natural resources like coal and minerals are found on earth.
  8. Around 71% of the surface of the earth is covered with water.
  9. The moon revolves around the earth.
  10. Due to overpopulation, the Earth is in danger and global warming is increasing.
  11. The land composition is only about 30%.
  12. World earth day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year.

So, this is 10 points on Earth in an easy-to-understand way.

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