4 Ultimate Active Recall Strategies for Students [Infographics]

Active Recall is a principle of efficient learning which actively stimulates the memory during the learning process.

According to research, active recall performs 50% better than the normal studying process.

And, the Active Recall Revision helps you in remembering things quickly and for a long time. Students who were using active recall method for studying performed a lot better in the concept mapping tests than their competitors.

In this infographic blog post, I will be explaining 4 very powerful and ultimate active recall strategies which will completely change the way you currently study.

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[Infographics] Powerful Active Recall Strategies

I have created this beautiful looking infographic in order to show you the best active recall strategies.

4 Best Active Recall Strategies - Infographics

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The 4 strategies that I have mentioned in the above infographic are:

1. Creating Flash Cards

The process of creating the flash-cards is perfect for letting yourself know about what you need to remember.

2. Teaching Someone

Explaining something to someone else will force you to explore that thing from multiple perspectives.

3. Reading and Remembering

Read short sections and try to remember by repeating 5-10 times while keeping your eyes closed.

4. Practice Testing

Try creating test exams from your notes and textbooks and appear for the test exam that you created without cheating — like usual exams.

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Wrapping it up

No doubts, active recall is the method used by many students out there. It helps a lot in remembering and learning things that you study in an efficient way.

Once you start following the method, learning new things would become interesting and easy for you.

If you’ve got any related query, let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.


  1. How much time someone should be spending on active recall daily?
    I am preparing for a very tough competitive exam which needs a whole lot of theory subjects’ study. Like economy, polity, history, geography and exam is descriptive. How can I use this method. I am in dire need of something which eases my burden of study as well as improves my rank in exams.

    1. Hi Priyanka,

      From my personal experience, 1.5-2 hours daily would be sufficient for revising the completed chapters using active recall strategies.

      It works, for real.

      However, for more information on this, I would suggest you watch Ali Abdaal’s videos like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHJzSbLiQNs

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks a lot.

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