Top 10+ Useful Study Desk Accessories for Students

The modern and smart study is always preferred over the old form of studies. And, to study smart you should have smart study desk accessories.

Study desk accessories or table accessories are the stationery items which rest on your study table and always come in handy while studying.

For example, studying in the light of Table Lamp or Study Lamp is always preferred over the normal room lights because it doesn’t make your eyes tired while studying for a long time.

Here, in this blog post, I will be list out a few such useful and best Study Desk Accessories for Students which will supercharge your studying process.

And, your studies would not be boring anymore.

Here we go…

Desk Accessories for Students

Below is the list of 10+ useful table accessories with a little description about them.

  1. Scientific Calculator
  2. Alarm Clock
  3. Study Lamp or Table Lamp
  4. Stationary Organiser
  5. Laptop Stand
  6. Globe
  7. Diary/Notebook
  8. Ball Point Pen
  9. Pencil Kit
  10. Geometry Box
  11. Writing/Clip Board

Now, I will be adding a little description of all of them below.

1. Scientific Calculator

Very useful for students preparing for IITJEE (JEE Mains & Advanced) as it has a pretty large number of functions including Probability, Calculus, Permutation Combination, etc.

Casio Scientific calculator

This Casio Scientific Calculator is dual powered i.e. Battery as well as Solar which will let you use for years without replacing the batteries. Check the Current Price on Amazon

2. Alarm Clock

Having an Alarm Clock for students is very essential because most of the students study late night and face difficulty in waking up early and going to the classes.

alarm clock

This Oreva Analog Alarm Clock is pretty decent for students. It has enough alarm sound which will help you in waking up early.

Check the Current Price on Amazon

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3. Study Lamp or Table Lamp

When you study for a long time under the normal overhead room lights, your eyes get tired easily and you start feeling sleepy. But, the Study Lamp solves this problem as the lights from the lamp doesn’t come to your eyes.

Study Lamp

This Philips 5 Watt Desk Light is a very good choice as it provides very smooth lighting and consumes very less power as compared to the other lamps available in the market. Check the Current Price on Amazon

4. Stationery Organiser

When you have a lot of pens, pencils, and other stationery items resting on your desk making it a complete mess, then, believe me, you need a Stationery Organiser which will keep every small item on your table organized.

Stationery Organiser

This Metal Desk Stationery Organiser by Callas can be used to keep a few small, folders, pens, pencils, glue, staplers, paper pins, etc. There’s even a drawer which will keep the small things safe. Check the Current Price on Amazon

5. Laptop Stand

Laptops have vents also at the bottom side which get closed and result in overheating when you keep it as a solid surface. And, that’s when Laptop Stands come in. These are a simple Laptop sized stands which prevent the laptop’s vents from getting closed.

Laptop Stand

This AmazonBasics Ventilated Laptop Stand is a too good tool to use in order to prevent your laptop for overheating. And, not only that, by adjusting the height of the stand you will be able to view the screen comfortably.

Check the Current Price on Amazon

6. Globe

If you love studying about places and geography then having a decent Globe is a must. It helps you visualize and remember things quickly and permanently.

Laminated Steel Finish Globe for Students

This Laminated Steel Finish Globe is affordable and very precise. It has a scratch-proof surface and is sturdy, durable, lightweight, and compact to have on your study desk. Check the Current Price on Amazon

7. Diary/Notebook

Creating to-do lists every day or writing what have you done today so far is very important. By doing so you get the idea of your efficiency of doing things and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 which really helps in making improvements.


This Papercoal  192 Pages with Buckram Hard Cover Notebook is a decent one for creating to-do lists and noting down some other important things.

Check the Current Price on Amazon

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8. Ball Point Pen

Well, at least this doesn’t need any description. Almost everyone uses ball pens to write down something somewhere.

Ball Point Pen

This Cello Pinpoint Ball Pen Set offers good performance while writing. The main good thing about this pen is that it has a very good quality of ink as well as the grip which doesn’t put much stress on your fingers. Check the Current Price on Amazon

9. Pencil Kit

Pencils are necessary while you’re reading a book and need to underline some important lines, or for drawing purposes having a set of pencils is a must.

Pencil Kit

This Combo Pack of Pencils, Erasers, Scale and Sharpeners by Apsara is pretty decent to have. It is known to all that the Apsara pencils are very good in quality and lasts longer. Check the Current Price on Amazon

10. Geometry Box

Every student needs to have a Geometry box which is used to create geometries and make diagrams.

Geometry Box

This Camlin Nova Geometry Box is an affordable and sturdy geometry box to have which contains a Divider, Compass, Ruler, Eraser, Sharpener, Pencil, Protractor, and Set Square.

Check the Current Price on Amazon

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11. Writing/Clip Board

Writing or Clip Boards are used while writing on a page, appearing for an examination and for drawing purposes.

Clip Board

This 9.5×13.5 Inches Nourish ClipBoard is a durable and great looking Clip Board which is made of a very durable material called MDF (Medium Density Fiber) and is also anti-rust. Check the Current Price on Amazon

Wrapping it Up

So, the list has come to an end.

Having good and useful items on your study desk really helps you in analyzing your real potential and improving your potential considerably.

I, personally, use almost all the Study Desk Accessories mentioned here in this blog post. They come in very handy in supercharging my workflow and improving my productivity.

Now, it’s your turn…

Which items from the list above do you already own and which one are you planning to buy?

Let me know in the comments below right now.

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