Speech on International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is a special day for the world. It’s when we celebrate the importance of mountains and their role in our lives.

Do you know why mountains matter? They’re not just big hills; they give us water, energy, food, and so much more. They’re the guardians of our planet, and on International Mountain Day, we honor them.

1-minute Speech on International Mountain Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we gather to celebrate International Mountain Day. This day reminds us of the beauty, majesty, and importance of mountains. They are not just piles of rocks and soil, but homes for people and animals, storehouses of water and food, and playgrounds for adventurers.

Our first point: mountains are life-givers. Many of the rivers that quench our thirst, fill our fields, and power our cities, start in the mountains. Mountains are also home to plants that give us medicines. Just like parents provide for their children, mountains give us what we need to live.

Next, mountains are guardians of nature. They house many animals and plants. Some of these creatures live only in the mountains and nowhere else. By protecting mountains, we protect these unique life forms. It’s like keeping safe a treasure chest filled with jewels only found in one place.

Lastly, mountains are teachers. They teach us about bravery and patience. Climbers who conquer mountains show us that with hard work, we can reach great heights. Mountains also teach us to respect nature. If we harm nature, like causing landslides by cutting trees, mountains show us the consequences.

Yet, mountains are under threat. Pollution, climate change, and uncontrolled tourism hurt our mountains. On this International Mountain Day, let’s promise to protect our mountains. They are like kind, strong, and wise friends. We need to care for them as they care for us.

Together, we can ensure that our mountains continue to be life-givers, guardians, and teachers. We hold the future of mountains in our hands. Let’s make it a future of respect, care, and protection.

Thank you.

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2-minute Speech on International Mountain Day

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today we are gathered to celebrate International Mountain Day. This special day, set by the United Nations, happens every year on December 11. We celebrate it to understand how vital mountains are to life.

Mountains are not just large rocks. They are like giant sponges, holding and giving fresh water. Did you know that mountains provide between 60 and 80 percent of the world’s freshwater? We drink this water, use it to grow food, and even generate electricity. So, when we care for the mountains, we are also caring for the water we need every day.

Mountains are also like giant umbrellas. They protect us from harsh weather. They stop strong winds, heavy rain, and even hot sunlight from reaching us directly. This helps us to live comfortably. But, when we hurt the mountains by cutting down trees or littering, we are removing this umbrella. Let’s work together to keep our umbrella strong.

Mountains are also homes to many people and animals. About one in ten people live in mountain areas. Many animals, birds, and plants that we love also live there. Some of them cannot live anywhere else. When we protect the mountains, we are also protecting these homes.

Mountains give us so much. They give us water, protection, and homes. But, they also need our help. They face many challenges like climate change, littering, and deforestation. These challenges can hurt the mountains and everything that depends on them.

On this International Mountain Day, let’s promise to help our mountains. Little things can make a big difference. We can plant more trees, clean up trash, and learn more about how to protect them. It’s not just about saving the mountains, but also about saving ourselves.

In conclusion, mountains are much more than beautiful landscapes for us to admire. They are vital for our survival and the survival of countless other species. They deserve our respect, our love, and most importantly, our protection. Let’s use International Mountain Day as a chance to say thank you to the mountains and commit to doing our part in preserving them. We can make a difference, one mountain at a time.

11/11/2023 01:38 pm GMT

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