Speech on Destruction Of Nature

The destruction of nature is a serious concern you can’t ignore. It’s about how human actions harm our beautiful planet.

Trees are cut, rivers get polluted, and animals lose their homes. This is not a good sign. It’s high time you understood its seriousness.

1-minute Speech on Destruction Of Nature

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, today we talk about an issue close to our hearts – the destruction of nature. Nature is our home, our playground, our source of food and air. But we are hurting it, and it’s time we understand this.

Look around you. Trees are cut down to make way for buildings. Forests are disappearing, and with them, the animals that call these places home. This is called deforestation. It’s like taking down a house with people still inside. How would you feel if someone did that to your home?

Now, think about our rivers and oceans. They are filled with waste from factories and homes. This is pollution. Fish and other sea creatures choke on this waste. Imagine if your water bottle was filled with dirt and trash. Would you drink it?

Then there’s the air we breathe. It’s filled with smoke from cars and factories. This is called air pollution. It’s like breathing in smoke from a fire, all the time. How long could you do that without getting sick?

We are causing all this destruction. But we can also stop it. Plant more trees. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Walk or cycle instead of driving. These are simple things we can do to help.

Remember, nature does not need us. We need nature. It’s time we start treating it with the respect it deserves. Because if we don’t, one day, there might not be a beautiful, green earth left for us to live on.

Thank you.

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2-minute Speech on Destruction Of Nature

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let’s talk about something important today. It’s about our beautiful nature and how we are harming it. We all love to see a bright morning sun, green trees around us, and lovely animals. But, do you know, we are losing all these beautiful things?

Every day, we hear about forests being cut down. Why? To make room for new buildings, roads, or farms. This is called deforestation. When we cut down trees, we lose the homes of many animals and birds. It’s like someone taking away your house without asking you. How would that feel? Not good, right? That’s what these animals feel too.

Have you seen or heard about the rubbish in our rivers and oceans? That’s because we are throwing our waste there. This waste pollutes the water. Fish and other water animals can’t live in dirty water. Many of them die because of this. It’s like forcing you to live in a rubbish dump. You wouldn’t like that, would you?

Now, let’s talk about the air we breathe. It’s getting dirty too. The smoke from cars, factories, and burning rubbish is making the air dirty. This is called air pollution. When we breathe in dirty air, we can get sick. It’s like living in a room full of smoke. You wouldn’t be able to breathe, right? That’s how our earth feels.

So, what can we do to stop this? We can start by planting more trees. Trees give us clean air to breathe and homes for animals. We can also stop throwing rubbish in our rivers and oceans. Instead, we can recycle or compost our waste. And, we can use cars less and walk or cycle more. This will reduce the smoke in the air.

Remember, nature is not just trees, rivers, or animals. It’s our home. If we don’t take care of it, we will lose it. We all have a part to play in protecting nature. So, let’s start today. Because, as they say, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Thank you.

11/08/2023 02:03 pm GMT

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