Are Social Platforms Good for Students?

Being active on social media has negatives as well as positives for students.

Being a student, as long as you have control over yourself for how much time you should use those social platforms and for what purpose you should use those.

If you are determined towards your main goal then being active on social media will actually help you rather than distracting you. Being on the right social media platform related to your studies will make you learn many things.

So, in this article, I will be explaining how being socially active can help students.

Here we go…

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Positive Usage of Social Media for Students

1. Latest Information

Latest Information

If your studies involve getting the recent significant happenings in the country and the world, then social media are like a boon for you.

Customizing Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. social platforms as per your requirements will be very beneficial for you.

But do remember your main purpose while using those platforms and avoid every possible distraction coming to you.

2. Improved Knowledge

Improved Knowledge

Platforms like Quora, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. can help you learn new soft skills and some other quality information which will ultimately improve your knowledge.

There are answers available to almost every question on Quora. And, if not available, just post your question and related people will answer it.

Platforms like YouTube has a lot of information available freely on any topic you could think of.

3. Online Courses

Online Courses

If you want to learn skills like Digital Marketing, Computer Programming, Camera Tutorial, etc. then there are a lot of paid and free courses available on the Udemy and Skillshare like platforms which you can get benefitted from.

You can enroll and learn these courses and ask doubts as you would in the offline class.

The online eLearning industry is expected to grow up to $240 billion by 2023 because people prefer to learn new soft skills online rather than offline.

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4. Communication

Instant Communication

The Internet has brought a lot of information available to us with just a click.

Controlled usage of instant messaging apps in order to collect information related to your studies from your fellow students or teachers will be very beneficial for you.

If you are solving a Mathematics problem and stuck upon a question then you can just send a photo of the question to your teacher or friends in order to get an instant solution from them.

Final Words

No doubts that students start misusing the internet and social platforms. They get interested in the things which are not at all necessary for them at that age.

So, if social media and the internet is beneficial then it also can be very distracting.

The only way to get benefitted from is that believe in yourself, set your goals, and never forget why you started.

That’s it.

If you have got any related query then feel free to let me know in the comments right now.

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