5 Ways to Remember Anything Permanently [Infographics]

Struggling to memorize things permanently that you learn?

Well, this infographic blog post will help you learn 5 quick ways to easily remember things that you read or learn and never forget them.

Like active recall strategies, there are few simple tips that you should follow in order to remember things quickly and permanently.

So, here we go…

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How to Remember Things Permanently

[Infographic: Remember Anything Permanently]

How to Remember Anything Permanently

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1. Skim the Text First

Skimming means just reading the important words without reading the whole paragraph. Skimming helps you get some quick idea about what the paragraph is all about before you start actually reading.

Finding important keywords by skimming helps you learn and remember things quickly and for a long time.

2. Take Self Notes

Always keep a pencil while reading and, underline the line which you found to be important or confusing. But, writing down all the important lines in a notebook is even better than underlining.

This helps you a lot when you revise the book. You won’t have to read the whole book instead just read the important lines that you noted down earlier.

3. Teach Others

If you read or learn something new, try to teach the same to others which will help you see things from other’s perspective and your memory becomes even more stronger.

One more benefit of teaching someone is that you can re-read the same if you find any difficulty while making someone understand.

4. Read Out Loud

However, most people hate reading things out loud, but, believe me, it actually helps you remember things for a longer period.

While reading normally we start to skip some important words but while reading out loud one has to put equal emphasis on each and every word which really helps in remembering efficiently.

5. Ask Yourself Questions

Asking yourself questions like Why, When, Who, etc. would help a lot in remembering things for a longer duration than just reading thoroughly.

You can even create a self-note containing these questions which would be very helpful while revising.

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Final Words

So, above were the 5 tips using which one can memorize things forever.

  1. Skimming the Text First
  2. Taking Self Notes about the Topic
  3. Teaching the Same to Others
  4. Reading Out Loud
  5. Asking Questions to Yourself

And, now it’s time to listen from you… Which #tip here did you find the most helpful in remembering what you read permanently? Or, maybe you wanna add a tip to this blog post. Either way, let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.


  1. Md Mirazuddin says:

    True true this is the correct way to remember thing and study also

    1. Yes, it clearly works.

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