List of All the RBI Governors

Governors of the Reserve Bank of India – RBI Governors List

RBI is the short name of the Reserve Bank of India which is India’s central bank.

The RBI Governor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Reserve Bank of India and also the ex-officio chairperson of its Central Board of Directors.

RBI issues the Indian Rupee currency notes and the notes have the signature of the current RBI Governor. e.g. If the note has been issued in 2018, then notes would contain the signature of the Governor of that time.

RBI Governor's Sign on the Note

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Generally, the term of office typically runs for three years, but in some cases, can be extended for 2 years.

Here, in this blog post, I will be listing out all the Governors of the Reserve Bank of India till date along with their Term Start and Term End dates.

So, here we go…

List of All the RBI Governors

Sl No.Governor NameTerm StartTerm EndDays in Office
1Osborne Smith1-April-193530-June-1937821 days
2James Braid Taylor1-July-193717-February-19432057 days
3C. D. Deshmukh11-August-194330-May-19492150 days
4Benegal Rama Rau1-July-194914-January-19572754 days
5K. G. Ambegaonkar14-January-195728-February-195745 days
6H. V. R. Iyengar1-March-195728-February-19621825 days
7P. C. Bhattacharya1-March-196230-June-19671947 days
8Lakshmi Kant Jha1-July-19673-May-19701037 days
9B. N. Adarkar4-May-197015-June-197042 days
10Sarukkai Jagannathan16-June-197019-May-19751798 days
11N. C. Sen Gupta19-May-197519-August-197592 days
12K. R. Puri20-August-19752-May-1977621 days
13M. Narasimham3-May-197730-November-1977211 days
14I. G. Patel1-December-197715-September-19821749 days
15Manmohan Singh16-September-198214-January-1985851 days
16Amitav Ghosh15-January-19854-February-198520 days
17R. N. Malhotra4-February-198522-December-19902147 days
18S. Venkitaramanan22-December-199021-December-1992730 days
19C. Rangarajan22-December-199221-November-19971795 days
20Bimal Jalan22-November-19976-September-20032114 days
21Y. Venugopal Reddy6-September-20035-September-20081826 days
22D. Subbarao5-September-20084-September-20131825 days
23Raghuram Rajan4-September-20134-September-20161096 days
24Urjit Patel4-September-201611-December-2018828 days
25Shaktikanta Das12-December-2018Current


The very first officeholder of the Reserve Bank of India was the British banker named Osborne Smith. And, C. D. Deshmukh was the very first Indian Governor of the RBI.

Benegal Rama Rau is the longest-serving Governor for 2754 days term (over 7 years) and Amitav Ghosh is the shortest-serving for 20 days term.

That’s it.

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