Poems on Fog

Poem is a form of creative expression that has the power to evoke emotions and capture moments in time. Poems on Fog are a beautiful way to explore the subject and gain a deeper understanding of its meaning.

Let’s explore some of the most beautiful poems on Fog that will leave you feeling inspired and connected to the world around you.

Beautiful poem on Fog

The world outside is veiled in gray,
A shroud of mist that hides away
The trees, the fields, the distant hills,
And muffles sounds that once were shrill.

The air is thick with dewy damp,
A hazy cloak that chills and clamps
Around my throat and in my lungs,
A cloak of fog that muffles tongues.

The road ahead is lost from view,
A winding path that’s blurred and skewed,
And yet I walk with steady pace,
Guided by some unseen grace.

For in the fog, there’s mystery,
A secret world that few can see,
A world of shadows and of dreams,
Where nothing is quite what it seems.

And so I walk through mist and gloom,
With nothing but a whispered tune
To guide me on my winding way,
Through fog and shadow, day by day.

Short poem on Fog

Foggy mornings, misty haze
A world shrouded in a cloudy maze
Vision obscured as I walk along
Sounds muffled, like a distant song

A mystical world, eerie and gray
A feeling of peace, a sense of delay
The fog may lift, the day may clear
But memories of its beauty will always be near.

Rhyming poem on Fog

The fog crept in, so thick and grey,
Obstructing paths and hiding the way,
Silent and eerie, it moved like a ghost,
Enshrouding everything, from pillar to post.

Acrostic poem on Fog

Faint mist covers the ground
Opaque curtains engulf the trees
Gray shadows obscure the path

Haiku poem on Fog

Misty veil in air,
Nature’s brushstroke on the earth,
Fog, a dreamlike state.

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