Paragraph on Winter In West Bengal

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Paragraph on Winter In West Bengal in 100 Words

Winter in West Bengal is a cool and cozy time. It starts in December and ends in February. The sun is soft and the air feels fresh. People wear sweaters and shawls to stay warm. Trees look sleepy without their leaves. In the morning, you can see dew drops on grass like tiny, shiny pearls. Some days, there’s a mist that makes everything look like a fairy tale. During this season, we love to eat warm foods like hot soup and sweets made of new rice and date palm syrup. Winter in West Bengal is a happy time when families come together to celebrate and share joy.

Paragraph on Winter In West Bengal in 200 Words

Winter in West Bengal is a cozy and cool time of the year. It starts in December and ends in February. During these months, the hot weather goes away, and it becomes very nice and cold. The sun is not too hot, and the sky is clear and blue. People wear warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, and shawls to keep themselves warm. In the mornings, you might see fog, which is like a soft, white blanket that hides things far away.

Children love winter because they get to eat tasty foods that keep their bodies warm. In West Bengal, people enjoy eating sweets made of date palm juice and puffed rice cakes. They also fly kites in the cool breeze, which is very fun. Many festivals happen in winter, and everyone joins in to celebrate with music, dance, and good food. Birds from very cold places come to visit West Bengal during winter. People call these birds ‘guest birds’ because they stay for a short time before flying back home. Winter nights are longer, so families spend more time together, telling stories and enjoying the warmth of their homes. Winter is a special season in West Bengal that brings everyone closer and makes the whole place very beautiful.

Paragraph on Winter In West Bengal in 250 Words

Winter in West Bengal is like a gentle friend visiting after a long year of scorching heat and heavy rains. From November to February, the air turns cool and crisp, giving everyone a break from the usual warmth of this state in the eastern part of India. The skies are clearer and the sun feels kind, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect for outdoor fun. People love this time as they can wear their favorite sweaters and enjoy warm drinks like hot chocolate or tea.

Nature also wears a new look with the trees and flowers showing off the last of their blooms before taking a rest. In the mornings, a soft blanket of fog covers the fields and rivers, making everything look magical until the sun comes up and the day becomes bright and clear. Winter festivals add to the joy, with the Poush Mela in Shantiniketan being the most famous, where music, dance, and art bring people together in celebration.

Families often plan trips during this season. They visit the misty hills of Darjeeling or the peaceful beaches of Digha, where the cool breeze from the sea feels refreshing. The winter is also a time for delicious food. Sweets like ‘pitha’ and fresh date palm jaggery make your taste buds happy. Winter in West Bengal is not about biting cold; it’s a season of comfort, joy, and the simple pleasures of life that everyone, young and old, looks forward to every year.

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