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Paragraph on Maldives in 100 Words

The Maldives is a group of small islands in the sea, far away from big lands. There are lots of these tiny islands, like many small dots on the water. The water around them is very clear and blue, and the sand is white like snow. People live on some of these islands, and they love to fish and take people on boat rides. Many visitors go there to enjoy the sun, play on the beaches, and swim in the water. The Maldives is also special because it’s not very high above the sea, making it a quiet and peaceful place.

Paragraph on Maldives in 200 Words

The Maldives is a beautiful country made up of many small islands, which are like tiny pieces of land surrounded by water. Imagine over a thousand little islands grouped together in the big blue Indian Ocean, and that’s the Maldives for you. The water there is so clear that you can see colorful fish swimming around, even from above the water! People build houses on stilts right over the water, so they can hear the waves and see the ocean all the time. The Maldives is known for its white sandy beaches that feel very soft under your feet, like walking on fluffy clouds. The weather is usually warm, making it perfect for playing on the beach or swimming. Many visitors go there to relax, watch the sunset, and enjoy the peaceful waves. The Maldives is also home to friendly people who welcome travelers from all over the world. They have a big celebration called Eid, with lots of food and fun. Schools there are like schools anywhere, where kids learn reading, writing, and many other interesting things. The Maldives is a special place because there’s no other country in the world quite like it, with so many tiny islands making up a nation.

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Paragraph on Maldives in 250 Words

The Maldives is a country made up of more than a thousand small islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s known for its clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and colorful coral reefs. The islands are not all the same; some have people living on them, while others are just for tourists who come to relax or have fun snorkeling and swimming with sea creatures like fish, turtles, and even friendly sharks. The weather in the Maldives is usually warm, which makes it a perfect place to visit if you love sunshine and the ocean.

People in the Maldives speak a language called Dhivehi, but many can also speak English, especially in areas where tourists go. The capital city is Malé, which is very crowded and has lots of tall buildings and busy streets. Even though the Maldives is beautiful, it faces challenges because it’s so low to the sea level. This means that if sea levels rise, the islands could be covered by water, which worries the people living there. That’s why it is important for everyone to take care of the environment to protect places like the Maldives. Many people work in tourism, helping visitors enjoy their stay, but fishing is also important for the food and economy. The Maldives is a special place with a lot of natural beauty, and many people dream of visiting it to see its amazing beaches and underwater world.

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