List of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities of India

List of Indian Cities Classified as the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 Cities. Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Cities of India are also called as X, Y, and Z Cities.

Cities in India are divided as the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 with Tier 1 being the most developed ones and Tier 3 being the developing ones.

Metropolitan cities come under the Tier 1 category. And, the cost of living in these cities are comparatively higher than the low tier cities.

Indian cities are also classified as X, Y, and Z which are other names for the Tier classification, which are:

Tier 1 – X
Tier 2 – Y
Tier 3 – Z

If you stay in the Top Tier Cities then, obviously, you will have to spend more money on the food, clothing, shelter, etc. than to stay in the lower-tier cities.

In this blog post, I will be providing the complete list of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India.

So, here we go…

Indian Cities Classification

📢 Please note that all the cities in the list are taken from this Wikipedia page.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities of India

First, tier 1 cities are listed and then tier 2.

Tier 1 Cities

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Delhi
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Kolkata
  6. Mumbai
  7. Ahmedabad
  8. Pune

Tier 2 Cities

  1. Agra
  2. Ajmer
  3. Aligarh
  4. Amravati
  5. Amritsar
  6. Asansol
  7. Aurangabad
  8. Bareilly
  9. Belgaum
  10. Bhavnagar
  11. Bhiwandi
  12. Bhopal
  13. Bhubaneswar
  14. Bikaner
  15. Bilaspur
  16. Bokaro Steel City
  17. Chandigarh
  18. Coimbatore
  19. Cuttack
  20. Dehradun
  21. Dhanbad
  22. Bhilai
  23. Durgapur
  24. Erode
  25. Faridabad
  26. Firozabad
  27. Ghaziabad
  28. Gorakhpur
  29. Gulbarga
  30. Guntur
  31. Gwalior
  32. Gurgaon
  33. Guwahati
  34. Hamirpur
  35. Hubli–Dharwad
  36. Indore
  37. Jabalpur
  38. Jaipur
  39. Jalandhar
  40. Jammu
  41. Jamnagar
  42. Jamshedpur
  43. Jhansi
  44. Jodhpur
  45. Kakinada
  46. Kannur
  47. Kanpur
  48. Kochi
  49. Kolhapur
  50. Kollam
  51. Kozhikode
  52. Kurnool
  53. Ludhiana
  54. Lucknow
  55. Madurai
  56. Malappuram
  57. Mathura
  58. Goa
  59. Mangalore
  60. Meerut
  61. Moradabad
  62. Mysore
  63. Nagpur
  64. Nanded
  65. Nashik
  66. Nellore
  67. Noida
  68. Patna
  69. Pondicherry
  70. Purulia Prayagraj
  71. Raipur
  72. Rajkot
  73. Rajahmundry
  74. Ranchi
  75. Rourkela
  76. Salem
  77. Sangli
  78. Shimla
  79. Siliguri
  80. Solapur
  81. Srinagar
  82. Surat
  83. Thiruvananthapuram
  84. Thrissur
  85. Tiruchirappalli
  86. Tiruppur
  87. Ujjain
  88. Bijapur
  89. Vadodara
  90. Varanasi
  91. Vasai-Virar City
  92. Vijayawada
  93. Visakhapatnam
  94. Vellore
  95. Warangal

And, the cities which are left, come under the Tier 3 category.

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19 replies on “List of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities of India”

Hi Pranav,

All the cities are taken from this Wikipedia page. If it’s not there, I can’t add it here. Can you provide me with any resource that lists Bhagalpur as a tier-2 city?

Thank you.

Sorry that you encountered any mistake. It keeps changing so there might be some errors.

However, please point out where did you find the mistake. Also, I have already linked the source of this data at the bottom of the post.

Hope you understand my concerns.


Hello ..
May be you listed out on the basis of population.
Most of indian cities are under developed ..for example in modern infrastrcture ,food ,residential,commercial,shopping,business,banking ,transport,roads & entertinment sectors etc..will you pls list out most developed & modern indian cities in all sectors..?

Thanks for the suggestion, Sneharaj.

No, these are not on the basis of population. These are on the basis of the overall cost and standard of living.

Also, I will definitely try to list all the cities on the basis of the factors that you suggested.

Bokaro steel city can’t be a city it is still a town and it’s backward. Looking at the classification it’s not well defined.

Hi Abhinav,

This Wikipedia page has listed Bokaro as a tier-2 city that’s why I’ve added it to the list. Can you provide me with any resource that says Bokaro is not tier-2?

Thank you.

Madurai shouldn’t be in tier 2 , its between tier 1 and tier 2, so there should be a new tier which lies intermediary between tier 1 and tier 2

I don’t think that’s what it means Milma, Tier 3 cities are cities that are underdeveloped and are in the process of development. Tier 2 are cities that contain some aspects which put them in the under-developed list but otherwise they’re fine. Tier 1 are cities that have excelled in all spectrums. Until and unless Madurai doesn’t correct it’s conditions in all aspects, it won’t be listed as a Tier 1 city.

Thanks Deepak for this List. The Wikipedia article you referred says, currently there are 97 Tier 2 cities. You may like to update the list.

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