List of Types of Spacecrafts Used by ISRO

List of Types of Spacecrafts/Satellites Sent by ISRO to Explore the Space and Make this World a Better Place to Live in.

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The world-famous Indian space agency ISRO sends multiple types of spacecrafts to space each year.

By the way, ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organisation. It was founded on 15 August 1969 by Vikram Sarabhai. The annual budget of ISRO is just $1.5 billion (FY 2019-2020) which is approx 14 times less than that of the NASA ($21.5 billion).

The satellites are not just limited for the purpose of communication only, but ISRO has launched 100+ satellites for many other research and public operations. There are multiple types of ISRO satellites which are being used in the fields like navigation, positioning, student programs, weather forecasts, remote sensing, astrophysics, etc.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the types of spacecrafts sent by ISRO to date.

So, here we go…

ISRO Spacecrafts

Types of ISRO Spacecrafts

Mainly, there are 7 types of satellites used by ISRO to explore the space and make the world a better place to live in.

Take a look at the 7 types of ISRO spacecrafts:

1. Communication Satellites

Everything which is somehow related to the communication is done with the help of the communication satellites. These types of spacecrafts are used for works like TV Broadcasting, Telecommunication, Weather Forecasting, Disaster Warnings, News Gatherings, Rescue and Search Operations, etc.

2. Navigation Satellites

These types of spacecrafts are mainly needed to fulfil the public aviation requirements and some other important uses related to navigation and positioning.

3. Earth Observation Satellites

These Earth Observation Satellites of ISRO are the world’s largest civilian remote sensing satellite constellation. These have multiple applications in the field of Cartography, Ocean, Land, Atmosphere, Water, etc.

4. Scientific Satellites

These scientific spacecrafts are used for science and research-based applications like Astronomy, Astrophysics, Science related to the Earth and Planets, Theoretical Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences, etc.

5. Experimental Satellites

Experimental Spacecrafts are used mainly for experimenting purposes as the name indicates. Some of the main experiments include Recovery Technology, Payload Development, Orbit Controls, Atmospheric Studies, Remote Sensing, etc.

6. Small Satellites

As the name suggests, Small satellites are really small – come under sub 500 kg class. These have some standalone usage like earth imaging and various science missions. Also, turn around the time of these are very quick.

7. Student Satellites

Students spacecrafts are a great step taken by ISRO to encourage various Universities and Institutions for the development of the various nano or pico-satellites.

Image of Spacecraft or Satellite

Wrapping it up

ISRO has always been focused towards its great work and receives appreciation from all over the world.

Recently, by launching its most awaited mission to the moon named “Chandrayaan 2”, it has proved its excellence.

That’s it.

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