Indian States Vehicle Codes & ISO 3166-2:IN Codes

[Updated] Indian States Vehicle Codes and ISO 3166-2:IN Codes Updated for 28 States and 9 Union Territories with All the Recent Changes.

As per 2016 government data, there were more than 23 crores registered vehicles in India and all the Indian states vehicle codes are issued by the district-level RTO (Regional Transport Office) of the respective states.

All the motorised vehicles in India are tagged by a licence number which is compulsory for all the vehicles to put at the front & back-side of the vehicle.

Currently, there are 6 types of vehicle registration plate formats are issued by the RTO office, which are:

  1. DL 01 ZE 1234 – Black Letters on the White Background (For private motorised vehicles)
  2. DL 01 ZE 1234 – Black Letters on the Yellow Background (For commercial vehicles)
  3. DL 01 ZE 1234 – Yellow Letters on the Black Background (For commercial vehicles available for self-drive)
  4. 12 UN 1 – White Letters on the Light Blue Background (For foreign consulates vehicles)
  5. DL 01 ZE 1234 – White Letters on the Green Background (For private vehicles running on electricity)
  6. DL 01 ZE 1234 – Yellow Letters on the Green Background (For commercial vehicles running on electricity)
The President of India and The Governors of Indian States travel in official cars without licence plates. Instead they have the Emblem of India in gold embossed on a red plate.


The first part of the vehicle registration number (DL 01 ZE 1234) represents the State or Union Territory in which the vehicle is registered in, the second part represents the District, the third part represents ongoing series of an RTO and/or vehicle classification and the fourth part represents the unique vehicle number.

Indian Vehicles Registration Plates

Sometimes, there is the fifth part “IND” and a hologram having a Chakra. However, not all the plates contain these.

In this blog post, I will be listing out all the 28 States and 9 Union Territories of India along with their Vehicle Codes and ISO 3166-2:IN Codes.

So, here we go…

Indian States Vehicle Codes


State Vehicle Code ISO 3166-2:IN Code
Andhra Pradesh AP IN-AP
Arunachal Pradesh AR IN-AR
Assam AS IN-AS
Bihar BR IN-BR
Chhattisgarh CG IN-CT
Gujarat GJ IN-GJ
Haryana HR IN-HR
Himachal Pradesh HP IN-HP
Jharkhand JH IN-JH
Karnataka KA IN-KA
Kerala KL IN-KL
Madhya Pradesh MP IN-MP
Maharashtra MH IN-MH
Manipur MN IN-MN
Meghalaya ML IN-ML
Mizoram MZ IN-MZ
Nagaland NL IN-NL
Odisha OD IN-OD
Punjab PB IN-PB
Rajasthan RJ IN-RJ
Sikkim SK IN-SK
Tamil Nadu TN IN-TN
Telangana TS IN-TG
Tripura TR IN-TR
Uttar Pradesh UP IN-UP
Uttarakhand UK IN-UT
West Bengal WB IN-WB

Union Territories

Union Territory Vehicle Code ISO 3166-2:IN
Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN IN-AN
Chandigarh CH IN-CH
Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN IN-DN
Daman and Diu DD IN-DD
Delhi DL IN-DL
Jammu and Kashmir JK IN-JK
Ladakh LA IN-LA
Lakshadweep LD IN-LD
Puducherry PY IN-PY

Wrapping it up

Some state codes have been omitted and are no longer used.

  • OR – Orissa
  • UA – Uttaranchal

These two codes are no longer used.

If someone wants to have lucky or fancy registration numbers (like the last 4 digits as 3333, 6666, or 1111) then it is considered as premium and it might cost more than ₹1,00,000.

So, that’s all about it.

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The code formerly used for Arunachal Pradesh was BQ, the next letters AP when Andra Pradesh was there with AP. This is nowhere explained.

B not represent Arunachal so A for Arunachal but second word P for Pradesh is already used for Andhra Pradesh so here is the option Q taken instead of letter P

Its a Recently Announced Bharath Number series for government vehicles, that can move any state over all india without any permission

BH: Bharat number.. new series for people with transferrable jobs.. does not required transfer of frequent registration numbers on transfer.. and can move across India

21 is year of manufacture
BH is all india (Bharat)
For central govt employees on transferable jobs
In second phase pub Ltd company employees will also be entitled for this

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