Who is the Father of White Revolution in India?

Dr Verghese Kurien is known as the father of White Revolution in India.

Here are some quick facts about Dr Verghese Kurien:

Birth 26 November 1921
Death 9 September 2012
Alma mater University of Madras, Michigan State University
Occupation General Manager and later chairman, AMUL, Chairman – NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) and IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Anand, Bombay province (later Bombay state and now in Gujarat, India))
Other names Father of the White Revolution of India, Milkman of India. Indian Milk Man

Dr Verghese Kurien - Father of White Revolution in India

Dr Verghese Kurien — Father of White Revolution in India

Dr. Verghese Kurien is the father of the White Revolution in India. As an engineer who had turned to farming and a leader in the cooperative dairy movement, he knew how to make things work for farmers.

He believed that if you gave farmers what they needed, they would do the rest themselves. So, he helped them get access to good quality breeding stock, superior feed and fodder crops (which they could grow on their own land), and technical training so they could learn how best to use these resources.

The result? A nation-wide movement that saw India’s milk production increase by 250%, from 12 million tonnes in 1960 to 44 million tonnes today!

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