Who is the Father of Taxonomy?

Learn about the father of Taxonomy and highlights about their life.

Carl Linnaeus is known as the father of Taxonomy.

Here are some quick facts about Carl Linnaeus:

Birth 23 May 1707
Death 10 January 1778
Alma mater Lund University, Uppsala University, University of Harderwijk
Known for Binomial nomenclature, Taxonomy
Fields Biology, Botany, Zoology

Carl Linnaeus - Father of Taxonomy

Carl Linnaeus — Father of Taxonomy

Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist and physician who is known as the father of taxonomy. He is famous for creating a system to classify all living things, which he called binomial nomenclature.

Linnaeus’ work included over 10,000 different species of plants and animals that were classified into 7 classes: Monera (unicellular organisms), Prokaryota (bacteria), Protista (eukaryotic single-celled organisms), Fungi, Plantae (plants), Animalia (animals). It also included 2 kingdoms: Chromista (colored algae) and Metazoa (multicellular animals).

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