Who is the Father of Statistics?

Ronald Aylmer Fisher is known as the father of Statistics.

Here are some quick facts about Ronald Aylmer Fisher:

Birth 17 February 1890
Death 29 July 1962
Fields Statistics, genetics, evolutionary biology
Awards Weldon Memorial Prize (1930), Royal Medal (1938), Guy Medal (1946), Copley Medal (1955)
Education Harrow School

Ronald Aylmer Fisher - Father of Statistics

Ronald Aylmer Fisher — Father of Statistics

Ronald Aylmer Fisher was born in 1890. He was a British geneticist, evolutionary biologist, and statistician. He is known as the father of statistics and as one of the three principal founders of population genetics.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in 1908 from the University of Cambridge and his master’s degree in 1911. He then went on to earn his doctorate in genetics at the same university in 1915.

Fisher started working at Rothamsted Experimental Station as an agricultural chemist in 1919, where he began developing new methods for testing fertilizer efficiency. He also served as head of the Agricultural Research Division of Rothamsted from 1920 until 1945.

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