Who is the Father of Socialism?

Karl Marx is known as the father of Socialism.

Here are some quick facts about Karl Marx:

Birth 5 May 1818
Death 14 March 1883
Education University of Bonn, University of Berlin, University of Jena
Main interests Philosoph, Economics, History, Politics
Notable ideas Marxist terminology, Value form, Contributions to dialectics and the marxian critique of political economy, Class conflict, Alienation and exploitation of the worker, Materialist conception of history

Karl Marx - Father of Socialism

Karl Marx — Father of Socialism

Karl Marx, the father of socialism. Marked by the idea that capitalism exploits workers, he believed that workers should rule through a classless society. He believed that the free market does not work and must be forcibly regulated to work for everyone.

He sought to abolish private property and class distinctions through a system of public ownership, social equality and collective control over the economy.

In 1842 Marx became the editor of “The Cologne newspaper” he wrote “the Jewish question” that was about religion, politics and economics of Jews in Europe. Marx wrote “the communist manifesto” which contributed to raising social classes against each other in order for the poor class to rise up against the rich.

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