Who is the Father of Public Administration in USA?

Woodrow Wilson is known as the father of Public Administration in USA.

Here are some quick facts about Woodrow Wilson:

Birth December 28, 1856
Death February 3, 1924
Education Princeton University (AB), Johns Hopkins University (PhD)
Occupation Politician, Academic
Awards Nobel Peace Prize (1919)

Woodrow Wilson - Father of Public Administration in USA

Woodrow Wilson — Father of Public Administration in USA

Woodrow Wilson is the father of public-administration in the United States. As a statesman and scholar, he helped shape the field of public administration as we know it today.

He was known for his progressive ideas on government reform, including his work on civil service reform and his efforts to make government more efficient and accountable to citizens.

As president of Princeton University, he developed the first full-fledged PhD program in political science.

He also established the first academic department dedicated to public administration, where he taught courses on budgeting, taxation, and administrative law.

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