Who is the Father of Plant Tissue Culture?

Gottlieb Haberlandt is known as the father of Plant Tissue Culture.

Here are some quick facts about Gottlieb Haberlandt:

Birth 28 November 1854
Death 30 January 1945
Fields Botany
Notable Works Physiologische, Pflanzenanatomie
Subjects Of Study Plant, Tissue culture

Gottlieb Haberlandt - Father of Plant Tissue Culture

Gottlieb Haberlandt — Father of Plant Tissue Culture

Gottlieb Haberlandt is the father of plant tissue culture. He was a German botanist and scientist who pioneered the field of Plant tissue culture by establishing the first sterile growing medium for plants, which he called ‘medium AER’.

This allowed him to more accurately grow plants from seed without soil or sunlight. In 1926, through his research and efforts in cultivating rice he developed yellow rice, which helped with food shortages during World War 2.

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