Who is the Father of Plant Anatomy?

Nehemiah Grew is known as the father of Plant Anatomy.

Here are some quick facts about Nehemiah Grew:

Birth 26 September 1641
Death 25 March 1712
Alma mater Leiden University
Fields Physiology
Birth Place Mancetter Parish, Warwickshire

Nehemiah Grew - Father of Plant Anatomy

Nehemiah Grew — Father of Plant Anatomy

Nehemiah Grew was a British botanist and physician who is known as the father of plant anatomy. He was born in 1641 and died in 1712, spending his career working to classify plants and their parts. His work was groundbreaking in that it led to the discovery that plants have vessels and nerves.

His classification system for plants (with which he categorized them into genera and species

His discovery that plants have vessels (tubes that transport fluids), nerves (cells that move information around), and muscles (which allow for movement).

He is credited with being the first person to classify plants according to their structure, rather than their appearance or other superficial factors. This was an important step forward in understanding how plants develop and grow.

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