Who is the Father of Personal Computer?

Henry Edward Roberts is known as the father of Personal Computer.

Here are some quick facts about Henry Edward Roberts:

Birth September 13, 1941
Death April 1, 2010
Occupation Electrical engineer, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Medical doctor
Nationality American
Education University of Miami, Oklahoma State University, Mercer University

Henry Edward Roberts - Father of Personal Computer

Henry Edward Roberts — Father of Personal Computer

Henry Edward Roberts was an American inventor. He is best known as the father of the personal computer.
He began his career as a television repairman, but his passion for electronics led him to work on developing computers.

Roberts’ first major success came when he designed and built a digital computer at home in 1952. This computer was called “Marrying Machine” and was used to help people with math problems by using punch cards and a typewriter.

The machine could answer questions about algebraic equations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots.

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